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New Shaman Legendary Quest Revealed: Corrupt the Waters

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Saviors of Uldum brings Shaman a new Quest with a familiar theme.


Another card from the forthcoming Saviors of Uldum expansion was revealed via Instagram story tonight: the Legendary Quest card for Shaman, Corrupt the Waters!


The Quest is to play 6 Battlecry cards - once you achieve this, you'll be granted the Heart of Vir'naal, a 2-Mana Hero Power that will double every Battlecry you play that turn.

Time to dust off that Shudderwock, perhaps?

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Amusingly enough, my first thought was: woah, nice addition to Murloc Shaman, would make those pests even pestier! Then I thought about it some more, and it would just slow the deck too much for relatively little gain if just dumped into it.

Still might be worth it to try it with a few less murlocs and a couple decent late(r)-game battlecries, and go more mid-range rather than aggro.

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