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I have not played in years... I would like to raid again

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I have not played in over 5 years... Ive been back for about 2 weeks now and gotten the hang of the game but my DPS is lacking...

I want to know what spec is best?

I am vary good on my dot timing and can do affliction well. But I did Distro in BC and WOTLK in raids because it was the best. I was always in the top 3 in DPS and now I barely break the top 20 DPS with 515 item level gear. I know part of it is my casting regiment and Im working on it. But Im sure part of it is my spec. I am currently a Distro spec. 

I also want to know how these effect my DPS for each spec

Intelligence, Mastery, Spell damage, and Haste

What Im asking is how much extra DPS does 1 or 10 or 100 points in each one of these bring for the 3 specs..

Im a vary numbers person so dont give me a "well this is best because bla bla bla..." I want to know the numbers of why it is better.

Thank you for your time

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