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I'm looking to maximize my DPS in a raid environment (10M) and would like reforge / re-gem suggestions from some high lvl blood dks.


I'm currently ilvl 562 and don't have any issues with staying alive as I'm currently running buffed 250%+ mastery and over 1.2m health.


I'm currently running a bastardised Mastery heavy build (obviously), but am really a bit unsure as to where to go from here. My DPS is fairly good (burst over 400k on garrosh with sustained over 200k), but it could be better as I've seen Agihax do 300k+ sustained.


Armory Link Here


I'm guessing I should re-gem/reforge for parry/dodge, but again, I'm pretty unsure.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Dodge/Parry is a safe place to start if you're trying to get more tank dps. Your survivability will become a little bit more RNG, but overall your damage taken won't be much worse. technically you will actually take less damage, but you'll heal yourself less also, but overall it shouldn't increase the amount the healers need to heal you by too much.


You can also try using dps trinkets like Skeer's and Thok's tailwhip if you can get ahold of them. 1.2mil HP is more than enough, I'm doing 25H with just under 1.2mil.

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If your survivability is fine, try lowering your mastery down to say 200% raid buffed, then get hit/exp cap'd 7.5% for dks, then rest into more dodge/parry. Along with the dps trinkets you can also swap to the dps cape and change out some of your enchants for more strength.



(side note: My dk has the same guild name lol)

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Eff the dodge and go as low as 170% mast, use crit yellows if you really want to up the damage; otherwise getting hit/exp capped should help out a lot.

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You have to balance dodge and parry with diminishing returns. Dodge is equal to parry up to about 10% then it diminishes very quickly and you'll want purely parry after that, unless of course you start getting into the 40%+ parry range, then dodge is useful upto about 15%


Mastery you can do whatever you're comfortable with. I tank 25H with barely 100% mastery on my gear, 130% when raid buffed, and I still take far less damage than any of the other tanks I tank with. If you feel like you're taking too much damage, or you damage intake becomes to bursty then get more mastery. otherwise stack as much dodge/parry as you can.

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You have to balance dodge and parry with diminishing returns. Dodge is equal to parry up to about 10% then it diminishes very quickly and you'll want purely parry after that, unless of course you start getting into the 40%+ parry range, then dodge is useful upto about 15%

The general advice from Reniat and theorycrafting elsewhere is that the loss of TDR to diminishing returns is less than the gain in white attacks from player parry-haste, since a parry of an attack is worth 0.24 white attacks for you.

I still wonder if there is a breakpoint (eg: 40-ish percent parry) that makes balancing worth it because of extra SoB procs and RP generation, but have not found any analysis of that.

Anyway, FWIW, that is the common advice elsewhere, so don't be surprised to see "stack parry, ignore or remove dodge" advice showing up here more often.

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I've sim'd dps weights based on my stats which have way more dodge than what is typically recommended based on diminishing returns, At the time I believe I was running with about 17% dodge and about 45% parry.

Even that much passed any typically recommended DR, parry was about 15% better than dodge stat for stat, which is a lot. obviously enough that if you are chosing one or the other you take parry, but dodge for all practical purposes is equal to haste and strength for blood dps.


Blood DPS Stat Weights

Crit - 1.54

Parry - 1.13

Haste - 1.04

Strength - 1.00

Dodge - 0.98

Mastery - 0


There won't be many places where you are actively choosing between dodge or parry. on most of your gear you will either reforge to parry, or the gear will already have parry on it, in which case you'll reforge to dodge next. If its a dodge+parry piece then just leave it as is, unless you need to reforge dodge into hit or exp. With gems I use dodge+parry gems in yellow sockets to maintain socket bonuses. other sockets are either pure parry or parry+stam.


TL;DR: Always pick Parry first when you can, but we don't want people to think Dodge is a bad stat. it's worth having any time you can add dodge without sacrificing parry.

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First of all you want to get your hit and exp caps. It's an absolute must to have atleast 7.5% in both. Fix that and your problems is solved.

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