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Tavern Brawl: The Standard Brawliseum

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The first Tavern Brawl of Saviors of Uldum is live. Hopefully you've already figured out what the best decks are, because it's time to put them through the gauntlet of the Standard Brawliseum!

The Brawliseum is an Arena-style Tavern Brawl where you construct a deck, lock it in, and play until you get either twelve wins or three losses. It's a great way to test your deck against other players. It can also be quite lucrative if you're getting lots of wins - the rewards structure is the same as in Arena, so players averaging seven or more wins will tend to make back the gold they spend on the entry fee and more. Your first run is free - after that it's 150 gold or 1.99 EUR/USD per ticket.

Naturally if you want to hit a lofty average like that, you'll need to be armed with a good deck. Check out our listings of curated meta decks for an idea of what's seeing success on day 2 of Saviors of Uldum!

Last time we saw the Brawliseum format was in March with Miniature Warfare rules. I'm not ashamed to say that I lost many, many hours of sleep to that particular brawl.

Be sure to show us your successful decks and 12-win runs in the comments!

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