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The Mysterious Jailer is the Main Villain in Shadowlands

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Sylvanas Windrunner is serving the Jailer in Shadowlands, but who exactly is this mysterious creature?

Check out our BlizzCon 2019 Content Hub for more details!

To understand the concept of Shadowlands, we must first talk about Anima, which is the driving force (blood) of Shadowlands. Normally, souls cross the veil between life and death and are brought before the Arbiter who determines, based on the amount of Anima a soul bears, to which realm the soul gets routed to.

With the destruction of the Helm of Domination, Sylvanas Windrunner broke the machine of death, causing souls to be poured directly into the Maw, where the mysterious creature known as the Jailer resides. As a result, Shadowlands are starved of Anima and wither.


The Maw is an endgame zone in Shadowlands and the only one realm without a Covenant (ruler). We learned that the Jailer will be the main antagonist of the expansion. She made a pact with him around the time of the Edge of Night after the Lich King has been defeated.


The short story deals with Sylvanas throwing herself down Icecrown Citadel only to be resurrected by the Val'kyr later on, with whom she made a sister pact.


"Sylvanas' actions in Battle for Azeroth were calculated to cause the most death possible."

Game Director Ion Hazzikostas (Source)

According to Ion, Sylvanas' actions were carefully planned, so that she could funnel souls directly into the Maw which caused her powers to grow exponentially. She now wields newfound powers of death, as portrayed in the War Campaign finale, where she killed Saufang in the blink of an eye.


In Shadowlands, we're going to learn more about Sylvanas' motives and her "master"...

But, who exactly is this Jailer? The only thing we know is that it's a character that we haven't encountered yet (not Arthas) and he's also probably behind naming Windrunner Warchief. Could it be Mueh'zala?


Il'gynoth returns in Patch 8.3 with a set of new whispers, one of them refers to Mueh'zala, also known as "The Father of Sleep".


"Before the last shadow falls, the father of sleep shall savor his feast."

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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I wonder if Void Lords are going to appear in this expansion or we will have to wait for the next one. It appears Sylvanas attempts to use this Jailer and death-related powers to defeat them, as Void Lords are clearly afraid of her. All of that anima gathered for one purpose, while Shadowlands are being sacrificed as a result. Sounds quite a lot like Illidan.

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9 minutes ago, Dumonde said:

Sylvanas has no master. She is her own master.

(Clearly stated at Blizzcon.)

Do you think she'll be the Azshara/Gul'dan of the expansion or more like Illidan?

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22 minutes ago, Stan said:

Do you think she'll be the Azshara/Gul'dan of the expansion or more like Illidan?



Azshara and Gul´Dan were both only servants - Ilidan wasn´t.

She won´t be like anyone else, she is something else. If I am right and her plan is

to become death itself (herself).. All will serve her in the end, which gives her final loyalist statement

a complete new meaning.

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14 minutes ago, Stan said:

Do you think she'll be the Azshara/Gul'dan of the expansion or more like Illidan?

Maybe neither. I like her chaotic neutral character - sometimes people believe she's good, sometimes that she's evil, but ultimately she has her own selfish goals, it's just difficult for mortals to see them. But she surely wouldn't sacrifice herself for Azeroth - that's not how she rolls. Yet, if she would be simply seeking power - she already possesses Xal'atath, she coulda have wielded the Scourge-control helm - I think that would be already enough to wipe Azeroth for someone with that tacitcal sense, so that's a no either. Sylvanas doesn't kills for the thrill of the hunt - others just happen to be in her way.

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Arthas 2.0 Jailor *Cough* I mean Lich King. Remember that one time she attacked the Valkyrie in Storm-Peak? Garrosh 2.0 - Blizzard is running out of ideas. They're like if we scrap past ideas and mash them together we profit!

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16 hours ago, Varrick said:

Arthas 2.0 Jailor *Cough* I mean Lich King. Remember that one time she attacked the Valkyrie in Storm-Peak? Garrosh 2.0 - Blizzard is running out of ideas. They're like if we scrap past ideas and mash them together we profit!

A bit of a stretch there... I actually think the driving narrative behind Shadowlands is fresh and compelling. Sylvanas isn't serving anyone, she found a partner in the Jailer. Whether the two will attempt to betray each other has yet to be seen.

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Uncommon Patron
45 minutes ago, durdyenglish said:

A bit of a stretch there... I actually think the driving narrative behind Shadowlands is fresh and compelling. Sylvanas isn't serving anyone, she found a partner in the Jailer. Whether the two will attempt to betray each other has yet to be seen.

I think betrayal is pretty much a given unless we kill them before they betray one another.

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