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T16 - 4pc for single target damage (retribution)

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I just got another set item yesterday and I am trying to figure out if I should use my 580 helm and stay without 4pc bonus or use my 561 set helm to get my 4pc set bonus.


I don't have big problems with aoe and frankly, there are not many aoe fights in SoO so I want to concentrate more on single-target.


How good is the 4pc set bonus for single-target fights? I did some tests but the free divine storms didn't feel very well in my rotation and with that 40% haste I have (and 2800 haste for 20 secs every 2 minutes from herbalism) I felt I didn't really have chance to use them.


So, what is the advice here?

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I'd only go HWF over full 561 tier or 2pc 561 and 2pc 574 (as in 4pc but two 574 pieces and two 561 pieces) and I'd only do it on pure single target, along with stacking haste. Haste or crit stacking is much better for single target than mastery.

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