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Heroes of the Storm Blue Post Roundup: February 5th

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In the latest round of blue posts, Heroes developers hint at improvements to AI follow behavior and we learn that the Spell Power buff from Kharazim's Air AllyAir Ally affecting Deathwing is a bug that will be fixed in a future update to the game. Read on for more details!

AI Behavior

The current AI in the game is somewhat messy and the follow command is hard to predict based on recent player reports on Reddit. The developers responded that they have some changes to the follow behavior planned to make it more predictable, but they are not sure when they will go live.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

How does AI get more stupid every time devs try to fix it? Now the bots don't even follow you properly when you ping them. They don't mount up from time to time and they just go off to soak lane even though I'm 100% sure I pinged the bot. Also I just played haunted mines with elite ais and the bots all ran into opposite gates in the middle and did nothing. I remember when AI was pretty good before. wtf happened to them?

Pinging the bots to get them to follow you works in my testing (with mounting). The only time they will leave you in that situation is if you die, someone else pings them, or if they get low enough that they need to hearth and heal up (after which they should return to you), so one of those cases may have been occurring for you.

Haunted Mines isn't currently in rotation, so we aren't working on it as we continue to iterate on the AI. It should be more clear that it is not a supported map when you make a custom game with it, however. I will bring that up internally!

Thanks for this feedback!

I remeber the old bots. When your johanna player could leave and when your other frontline pinged her she would sitt on them like a *filtered* backpack and all you had to to was hardengage so that johanna could throw all her *filtered* and maybe you got enought value to where you could win. That was when the enemy team could see it was a bot but sometimes you didn't even notice. The curent bots wonder around far away from the person that pinged them, sometimes engages on their own and sometimes don't even use their abilities. The bots don't need to be "smart", they don't need to make plays, they need to be predictable. Because that is how hots works, you need to rely on your team8s. if I know the tank-bot won't do anything stupid and will hardengage when I go in, I can play around that. If I don't know what the heck the bot will do I can't take any initiative and I need to wait for this bot that is totally unpredictable to the right thing at the right time. It's a mess.

Thanks for the feedback outlining your expectation for a bot that is following you. I think it is definitely shared by many players.

We currently have some changes to the follow behavior in testing that will make it lean more towards the expected behavior you describe here and hopefully make things a bit more predictable (I am unsure of the timeline for release though!).

Kharazim Air Ally Spell Power Bug

Kharazim's Air AllyAir Ally has been buffed in the latest balance update to grant nearby allied Heroes 15% Spell Power for its duration, but the buff also affects Deathwing and Dragon Knight, which is not intended.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Dragon Knight Breath, deathwing should be immune to all friendly buff effects.

Edit: It looks like Air Ally also affects the Sapper Camp explosion damage, despite the tooltip saying “Heros” only should be affected.

Thanks for the find. Will fix!

Latest Heroes of the Storm News

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Well, that's not a lot. Still nothing on Tassadar and D.va reworks, only that they have been long coming, but nothing solid.

They should restore Haunted Mines, at least for quick match, so it doesn't bother those playing ranked. 

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      Level 7 Pinpoint Accuracy [Q] Additional functionality: also Slows enemy Heroes hit near the center of Particle Grenade by 25% for 2 seconds. Explosive Barrier [W] Damage increased from 100 to 110. To the Limit [Trait] Energy requirement for bonus attack size reduced from 50 to 40. Hit Me [Trait] Energy bonus increased from 15% to 20%. Level 10 Expulsion Zone [R2] Radius increased by 10%. Level 16 Plasma Shock [Q] Removed. Level 20 Clear Out [R2] No longer increases the radius of Expulsion Zone. Additional functionality: Reduce the cooldown of Expulsion Zone by 25 seconds. Return to Top
      Basic Attack damage reduced from 68 to 64. Sacred Sweep [Q] Outer damage reduced from 45 to 40. Inner damage reduced from 180 to 160. Talents
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      Level 16 Trample [Active] Moved from Level 20. Damage increased from 240 to 275. Slow duration increased from 1 to 1.25 seconds. Level 20 Sin's Grasp [E] Moved from Level 16. Now only grants benefits when hitting enemy Heroes. Final Slow amount increased from 45% to 50%. Slow duration increased from 2 to 2.5 seconds. Return to Top
      Level 4 Inhibiting Energy [W] Adjusted functionality: Inhibiting Energy’s Slow can now spread from itself. Slow duration reduced from 3 to 2.5 seconds. Emergency Protocol [Trait] New functionality: While Fenix has shields from Shield Capacitor, he gains 10% Movement Speed. This bonus is increased to 15% when Fenix loses shields from Shield Capacitor. Level 13 Rapid Recharge [Trait] Additional functionality: Reduce the period before Shield Capacitor begins regenerating shields from 5 to 3 seconds. Return to Top
      Level 7 Ogre Rampage [Trait] New functionality: Increase the damage bonus of Ogre Rage by 5%. Each time Gall damages enemy Heroes this bonus increases by 1% for 4 seconds, up to an additional 10% bonus damage. Return to Top
      Level 7 Ice Lance [Q] Cooldown reduction reduced from 1.5 to 1.25 seconds. Ice Floes [E] Cooldown reduction increased from 3 to 3.5 seconds per Hero hit. Level 16 Snowstorm [W] Damage bonuses increased from 20%/60% to 30%/70%. Return to Top
      Level 1 Veteran Marksman [Trait] Bonus damage increased from .75% to 1%. Ace In The Hole [Passive] Additional functionality: Enemies hit by Give’Em Some Pepper are Slowed by 10% for 2.5 seconds. Exterminator [Passive] Damage bonus increased from 50% to 75%, and from 100% to 125% while Inspire is active. Level 7 Unstable Compound [Trait] No longer adds a Slow to Give ‘Em Some Pepper. Additional functionality: Enemy Heroes hit by Give ‘Em Some Pepper grant Raynor 10 Mana and reduce the cooldown of Penetrating Round and Inspire by 1 second. Return to Top
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