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Great budget deck worked first time,  thank you

I like it very much

What would be an upgrade for this deck, assuming dust wasn't a problem ?

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Hi, and thanks for your suggested deck.


It was after trying your thing that I finally came up with my winning thing.

Though I don't have all the cards in your suggested deck:


I think my repalcements in


Should be adequate, but since this (well at least I) can not win, there are only 3 possibilities, I'm stupid,  you are way lucky or the game has changed and you should replace or remove your thing.

If this still is a valid option I would like to see a video on someone working. Link please.

In the end I managed to win with a priest deck, though not this, it was pretty much the same idea, it had 2 woodoo doctors instead of some other cards that I  can not remember.


Though far from budget build it has only 1 essential legend, the quest. It is so good that you can win the game with any tough minions (presumably). By "tough" I mean toughness 4 or more. With Faceless rager that works really good here.

If you play KalaGrond you shoul not be pop the qwest before you play it, it will be a dead card in your hand after the quest pops. If you have other good cards use them instead. The time rip, wich I only have 1 of, is really good later in the game on the 10/10++ taunt dude.

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