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Well having trouble with this deck.. all very well the guide says destroy the Shadowy when 2 or 3, trouble is your hit by them for 4 then 8.  I'm not saying this deck can't win, But I think you HAVE to have the Perfect (or near perfect) draw to win this, this is Not a forgiving deck.  Or maybe I am just playing it wrong?

Ok ignore above.. I was doing it wrong.

Once I thought a little I realised what to do.. I had two  21/18 minions at the end, and was full health.

It IS a good deck, but you need to know how to play it properly.

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Guest Hearthplayer

Yeah, this deck was not very effective for the Teron Gorefiend challenge.

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Oh my!


This doesn't work at all. I'm dead at turn 6 and didn't get 1 hit on the opponent.

If you won with this, please link the video.

I have nothing that could improve my ods here,  since I again didn't have all the cards I did go with


I don't see any possibilities to win with priest with my card pool.

Using frost mage, I managed to drag the game to turn 16 or something, still didn't get the enemy bellow 30 life before dying. Though the Azure exploder did give me 1 nerfed, still  juicy queen it didn't matter as the game ended long before there was no duplicates, wich, given the amount of them, is no surprice.



and don't see potential in any solutions for mage.

I think this opponent has bested me permanently.



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Found out the antonidas doesn't work.

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On 7/19/2020 at 5:54 PM, WildB34st said:

Alexstrasza fits well with bosses of high health so see if you can fit it in your deck and I'm sure you will succeed.


The enemy will stal your dragon from your deck with 99% chance.

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