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Epic idea for Diablo IV that will probably never happen.

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I m hyped for Diablo IV as you guys are and an cool new character idea bumped into my head which will never happen...

So whats this epic idea of mine?

Blizzard should make... REAPER A PLAYABLE CHARACTER... yes i know pretty dumb

But here comes the fun part. The story of the reaper... The reaper you are playing with has decided to left the other reapers behind and start his own life. Something like Tryael. The reaper then decided to join humans to conquer the other evils remaining in the Sanctuary, but of course the humans denied you. So you come up with a plan to tell them your good, and they believe you, somehow. That's the story of him

But now comes the Abilities and the Character design. The abilities would be pretty cool. The primary attack would be the one that Malthael has, when he attacks you in the boss fight with his small scythes. Now the othe abilities is just like's Malthael's abilities. So if you want more details, then post in the comments. I love talking about my ideas :)))

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    • By gabrielgarciapro
      Looking to the new path minor changes, I was wondering if people are also expecting a lot more from Blizzard for Diablo IV then what we saw in DIII...
      I am a fan of Diablo since diablo I.
      Diablo two was fantastic due to the ability we had to create our custom rooms, and interact with players and negotiate. A communication gap that made Diablo III too impersonal and lost a lot of the game soul.
      Now, I just fell that the changes are too minimal. We want more items, a lot more items! More innovation more crazy items like charms and the "Anny". Big variaty of crazy receipts and ingredients like we could do in diablo II cube. 
      I still like diablo but is getting boring and boring each season. 
      Our current big surprises are just fixes and minimal adjusts on items properties and cosmetic rewards that doesn't give any real excitement.
      Diablo became a very repetitive play, a eternal dejavu with not really much space for different builds and personality. Everybody has too end up with the same two or three options that really work for specific class and the are no real player interation. I hope DIV completelly redesign the game to be again that small  world that we could have more space for creation and with 100 times more items...
    • By Blurrybob
      I want to know people what was not announced yet that will be announce later on. From what we know right this game will be very different from the other one in the series. Let me know what you want in this game. Me I would say a good PVP. 
    • By Brerathiel
      As the title suggests - I think it's time that we discuss our Beacon(s) and their place in the current 'meta'.
      Most of you will probably not agree with me but I feel like there's a very limited impact to beacon currently. When Legion was first announced I was thrilled at the prospect of tanks losing the 'I am a wall of iron....' and becoming more dependent on their healers again. And I say this despite playing a Guardian Druid for most of WoD with raiding Mythic throughout the expansion.
      Once more it was going to be down to your healers to keep you level and you would focus primarily on smoothing out the damage intake while still picking up adds, tank swaps, controlling pace, positioning etc. (the list goes on and on obviously!). Healing yourself was no longer to be your responsibility!
      Currently it feels like we've moved too far away from that again. Now this - of course, being an issue not only for paladins but an overall issue with the current state of tanking.
      But I digress.... The reason why I feel Beacon needs to be reworked slightly is because currently beacon is having a very minor effective healing vs the overhealing it 'provides'. I've heard several arguments for this. Some feel that 'it is free overhealing so why should we care?' but I lean to the side of: What is the point of having a spell, which is undoubtedly one of our core abilities, that have such a low impact?
      I feel like some tuning is in order for it. Maybe rework what it actually does? Tuning overall healing throughput of tanks?
      Rework our mastery to be more interactive with throughput in relation to beacons?
      I can't really offer any substantial solutions to the problem but I still feel that it is, in fact, a problem.
      What are your thoughts on this? Has Blizzard dug themselves into a hole again with the current state of tanking or could a rework of the Beacon sort the issue so that it feels that Holy Paladins are once more the Go-To 'Tank Healer' with a more impactful kit? 
    • By Gryam
      Hello there!
      Recently i've been thinking about playing wow again. But I dont know what to do and maybe you guys can help me.
      The thing is that my main was a Fire mage which sucks now and I dont wanna rerroll because legends, and a ret pally, both ally.
      Im thinking in make a new character in the horde. My choices are frost mage, ret pally, destro warlock, unholy dk.
      My main objective now is just to have fun again with WoW and not to be a hardcore player trying to get MM.
      What do you guys think?
      Thanks !! 
    • By sebisoy
      Hello everyone, I am conducting some personal research on WoW, specifically why people choose the primary character that they do. To answer this question, I have come up with several questions I would like to research, and hopefully gain valuable feedback. Please feel free to respond to as many of the questions below, as they will be very beneficial to the results of my research! Thank you all!
      What character did you choose as your primary?
      Why did you choose this character?
      What do you enjoy doing most in WoW? Why?
      Does your character choice reflect what you like to do in WoW? If so, how? If not, why not?
      What do you enjoy doing outside of playing WoW?
      Please respond right on this post! All of those responding, I can't thank you enough for your willingness to participate.
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