Heroes of the Storm Master Tier List

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The goal of this Tier List is to inform players around Master League regarding how strong and popular Heroes are in the current metagame.

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The goal of this Tier List is to inform players around Master League—so from Diamond to Grand Master—regarding how strong and popular Heroes are in the current metagame.

Heroes that are worth banning at the beginning of the draft have been marked with a red label. You can also find a brief explanation about that right below them.

If a given Hero can be played in multiple Roles (for example Blaze can be played as either Tank or Solo Laner), we mention them multiple times because each of their Roles belongs to a different Tier.

To better match high-level drafting, instead of using the in-game Bruiser category, we added a Solo Laner category that includes a few Heroes from other Roles as well (such as Samuro and The Lost Vikings).


Strong (Tier S)

In this Tier we have a list of strong Heroes that should either be picked before the enemy team does or banned at the beginning of the draft.

Tank 1 Hero
Solo Laner 3 Heroes
Ranged Assassin 1 Hero
Healer 1 Hero

E.T.C. has a powerful kit that allows him to have a favorable matchup against most Tanks—only Johanna can counter him—and annoy many Heroes from other Roles as well. A well-timed Mosh Pit Icon Mosh Pit can steal a win even against team compositions that have multiple interrupts at their disposal.

Especially on Maps where double soaking is a common strategy, D.Va is a solid Solo Laner with good damage output and high survivability.

Gazlowe wasn't that great right after his Rework, but the recent Balance Update turned him into a powerful Solo Laner, especially on Maps that feature a Capture Point (such as Braxis Holdout).

The combination of self-sustain and mobility makes Yrel hard to kill both in the solo lane and during team fights while her solid damage output allows her to double soak and pressure the enemy backline respectively.

In the hand of an experienced player, Sylvanas is a versatile Hero that adds a lot of value to her team, both in team fights and outside of them. While fighting, she can deal a lot of damage and has a powerful crowd control effect: Wailing Arrow Icon Wailing Arrow. While not fighting, she can pressure the enemy team by quickly taking down Minions, Mercenaries, and even Structures with the help of her team.

Ana confirms to be a powerful Healer when combined with a Hero who can benefit from her Nano Boost Icon Nano Boost during team fights (usually a Mage), especially if you factor in her scary healing reduction via Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade and her solid damage output thanks to Night Terrors Icon Night Terrors at Level 7.


Good (Tier 1)

In this Tier we have a list of good Heroes that perform really well in most scenarios but can struggle a little when countered by the enemy team.

The recent buffs to Diablo turned him into a scary Hero with insane survivability that can use multiple crowd control effects during the same team fight while also having a respectable damage output to pressure the enemy backline on his own.

Garrosh is annoying to play against for many Heroes, therefore we suggest to consider banning him when your team has Heroes that cannot play around Wrecking Ball Icon Wrecking Ball with ease and/or that cannot poke him from the distance (such as Hanzo).

While Imperius is not that good at solo laning, he recently showed to be a powerful Tank when the player has good aim, their team can follow up on point, and the enemy team does not have ways to interrupt Celestial Charge Icon Celestial Charge with ease.

Even if labeled as Tank in-game, we find Cho to be a solid Melee Assassin for your team as he can dish out a solid amount of damage but cannot really engage and/or peel for his team. Draft him alongside a Tank, a solo laner, and a Healer for maximum value. Do not hesitate to ban either Cho or Gall when you expect them to be picked by the enemy team because, after the recent buffs, they are scary to play against and not that easy to counter.

In the hand of a mechanically good player, a Hero like Zeratul, Tracer, or even Samuro is capable of single-handedly taking down enemy Heroes with a mediocre Health pool and quickly create a numerical advantage for their team, especially if your team lacks a Marksman to pressure them and/or crowd control to turn them into easy targets to kill.

In order to be pick and ban-worthy, Abathur requires a big Map (for example Sky Temple) and a good target for Symbiote Icon Symbiote (for example Greymane) and also for Ultimate Evolution Icon Ultimate Evolution (such as Jaina).

In the hand of an experienced player, The Lost Vikings can soak up to 3 lanes while their team is either ganking or pushing. If you know that an enemy player plays The Lost Vikings well and you are playing on a 3-lane Maps, consider banning them.


Decent (Tier 2)

In this Tier we have a list of decent Heroes whose performance heavily depends on the situation they are in, therefore you should think twice before picking them.


Mediocre (Tier 3)

In this Tier we have a list of mediocre Heroes that are usually not worth playing, unless the enemy team does not have anything that counters them and/or you have a lot of experience with them.



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