Holy Pally: What can I improve?

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I imagine you were using a much higher spirit level when EF? I havent checked the logs yet, and probably wont get a chance until tomorrow, but I'm just curious about that answer.

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When I was using EF I had 18k spirit but I have 9k Spirit with selfless and im doing really well so far with the change in Spirit amounts


Edit:Thank you for the quick reply

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I am sorry. I am terrible at the new warcraft logs. I'm used to using world of logs and uploading to comparebot. Here's some quick glances on the iron juggernaut fight:


-Illuminated Healing had an uptime of 79%.. it needs to be as close to 100%. The beauty of Selfless Healer is there shouldn't be any downtime and can always cast a holy radiance after a Judgement.

-With that said, your Holy Prism is higher than your Holy Radiance. It just seems odd for that spell to be so high. I would think that HR would be ahead of HP. Don't be afraid to cast HR, even if it only has a 1 SH charge. 


Also looking through your CD's.. you aren't using them often. Every fight should have 2-3 casts of Divine Favor and Avenging Wrath.. I'd look into managing those a little better.


Looking at just the Iron Juggernaut fight alone, I see you casted Divine Favor, Avenging Wrath, Holy Avenger and Guardian all around the same time. I'm assuming it was during the high damage stomp period.. but then looking at your overheals on that fight, most spells were upwards of 40%. I'm thinking it would be smarter to stagger your CD's to have a higher continuous throughput. There aren't many fights that require more than 2 CD's used at once anymore.


Lastly try to cast Judgement on CD. It has a 6 sec cooldown. On your 6:08 kill on Iron Juggernaut you only casted it 26 times. Napkin math would show that it could be casted closer to 60 times (obviously that's every time on CD) but remember that Judgement is not only a HP generator but increases your healing on your next spell.


Sorry I can't be of anymore help or if my criticism is staggered. It's late and wanted to give quick help.


Edit: Here's a link to my guilds last iron juggeranaut heroic kill. My names Geoda:


As a quick reference: It was a 5:13 fight. I had 41 Judgements, 95% uptime of Illuminated Healing. 


Again, I understand you're asking for advice and the best way I know how is to compare you to others, such as myself who is also a holy paladin.

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This was More than enough to get me started on what to work on. Thank you very much. Yeah ive push myself in to  a bad habit of busting all my cooldowns at one time and its something im breaking up on my keybinds to make it less of a "Go to" mess.


I believe as I get more used to the SH setup i will be judging on cooldown as close as possible. I appreciate the Feedback!

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