[Archived] S5 Hearthstone Mid Budget Rogue Aggro Deck

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This thread is for comments about our Mid Budget Rogue Aggro Deck.

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2x Backstab

1x Cold Blood

2x Deadly Poison

1x Blade Furry

2x Eviscerate

1x Sap

2x Defias Ringleader

1x Pertidion's Blade

2x SI: 7 Agent



2x Argent Squire
2x Leper Gnome
2x Loot Hoarder
2x Harvest Golem

2x Dark Iron Dwarf

2x Defender of Argus

2x Azure Drake

2x Argent Commander


Been playing this deck and doing very very well currently at rank 11


I made some changes to this, removed the 2 argent squire and added 2 ironbeak owls, also removed 1 dark iron dwarf and added 1 leeroy jenkins. 


Reasons for the edits is because im now encountering a lot of warlocs that play mountain and molten giants + sunfury/argus which makes finishing them off near impossible since you'll bring them down to below 10 health by turn 6 and you don't have anything to answer with. The owls will take care of taunts. And leeroy will pack an extra finishing punch

Edited by Akaitsuki

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Hello! is there any replacement to King Mukla?


You can easily include Dark Iron Dwarf in the deck instead. It works great with your Argent Squires and Loot Hoarders.


I don't see any Dark Iron Dwarfs in this deck. Hmm. The strategy section mentions them.

Indeed. Thanks for pointing it out, it has been fixed.

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I think Captain Greenskin is a good legendary replacement to King Mukla if you want to still have two lengendarys in the deck. I also took out one Harvest Golem and put Headcrack in. Headcrack can be really funny sometimes. tongue.png

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