MM Hunter getting Versatility on most items

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Hi, I've been struggling since the patch to understand what is going on.  I have been getting versatility on most of the drops I receive from dailies/quests and world bosses.  Before the 7.2 patch I was getting plenty of master items and afterwards nearly all of the items are versatility.  I am perplexed and wondering if somehow the game is broken and thinks I'm survival or somthing.  I've checked everywhere, it's set to MM and my loot specialization is set to Marksmanship. This is not a case of exaggeration, it's nearly a night and day difference.  Out of like 10 items which used to be mostly +mastery they are all now +versatility.  Trying to open a ticket for this is confusing as well.  Unless someone can offer any advice, I suppose I now have something to discuss at the Blizzcon Benefit dinner with the devs.  I'm totally not enjoying playing with all this gear dropping with this crummy versatility.  Anything people can think to check?  It seems like a bug to me..... I'm lost.

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Just the luck of the draw mate; it's just RNG. You'll get the gear you want eventually. Check the icon on the world quest to show whether it's versatility or not; it also depends on the zone. Highmountain for example doesn't normally have items with mastery, and neither does the Broken Shore.

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Thanks I will keep plugging away, it just seems like they changed something and are pushing Versatility.  I didn't know about the zones which don't often have mastery so perhaps that is contributing to my results.  Appreciate the feedback.

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Stormheim is more crit/mastery, suramar is haste/mastery, azsuna is versa/mastery, highmountain is crit/haste, can't remember what val'sharah is. probably haste/versa or something? Doesn't apply for every quest but most. If you want gear from world quests usually try to go for Suramar.

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OK so I am going to watch for it, but so far I am still thinking something was changed or is broken.  Today for example here is what is showing for Gear:


High Mountain:

Ring with +Crit and + Versatility



Head with +Crit and +Versatility

Azsuna: no gear



Neck with +Versatility and + Mastery



no gear


Broken Shore:

Ring with +haste and + Versatility


Eye of Azshara:

Chest with +Versatility and  + Mastery


So the breakdown is 5 gear items:

2 +Crit / +Versatility

2 +Versatility / +Mastery

1 +Haste / +Versatility


Since when is every single item needing Versatility?  this was not like this prior to 7.2.  I do dailies every day and as of the patch this is the BS that I am seeing.  Versatility is on all items, why? something seems to be broken with the hunter or my loot specialization as far as I can tell.

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You seem incredibly unlucky. High versatility drops should only come from pvp.

My only recommendation is to do dungeons and raids. Drops from bosses have predetermined stats, so there's no random versatility added from there.

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