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hi guys and girls.


im sure that this topic is most probably been talked about over and over again.  I just registered to this site and would like to get some inputs from you guys.


ive been playing affl (ilvl 562) for quite a while and saw that i do everything right (rotation) according to this site. So why am i struggling to get my dps up.


My stats is as follow:


Mast 115,11%

Crit 22.56%

Haste 39.03% (13737 is 38.94% for the 4th corruption tick)


I try to stop my haste at that point. If i dont and go according to stat priority it is as follow:


Mast 106.53%

Crit 22.56%

Haste 43.14%


Which should i use - or is there a haste cap for affliction.


I can push my haste up to 46.09% (16525 is 45.83% for the 4th agony tick) and dont lose any mastery and crit but do lose some int.



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1. Post logs.  We can't and will not diagnose anything without combat data.

2. Quit worrying about your stats and focus on your gameplay.  It matters 10x more.  Your stats don't play your spec for you, and contrary to what a lot of people believe, proper gameplay will impact your DPS more than your secondary stats will on a 10:1 ratio.

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