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Flex 1 - only Discpriest

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Hi there !

We did a flex yesterday, exclusively with disc priests. The raid ilvl was around 574 for the most people.
That was pretty easy against the three first bosses. We had to use Omen for the Sha of Pride, cause of threat (3 priests was specified to be the top of aggro, and dodge the boss debuff with Spectral Guise / Fade).
We wanted to know how our class can be 'awesome', and it is.



See ya' !

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Good job! Though you're not exactly helping our reputation >.<..


On a sidenote, I adore your UI, what raid frames is that?

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Hey Steve !


For sure it's not helping our reputation haha !


For the raidframe, i use Grid2 with customs settings for divine aegis, spirit shell, blablabla.This addon is not really updated but it still the best for me cause it is really customisable.

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Suspected as much. I'm using Grid2 myself, it's the raid frames I've had the most luck with, though it doesn't get updated frequently.

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Hello Manaberry,


First of all awesome i alsow play disc priest but this is so fun to Watch :)


When are you going to make 25man normal soo ? :P


But i have a question is it possible that we can get your UI it is so awesome and simple and i like that pony :P

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Haha, don't know when i'll organize a raid 25man normal. Will be hard i guess.


My UI is the result of lot of months of working,addon configuration ( like weakaura, grid2 etc). The pony is my own, made with photoshop and i don't want to share it cause i like to think i'm the only one with it.




Jhazrun was with us for the flex 2, i can invite players from all of EU realms.


Here is the inscriptions form for the event. Writted in french, but you just have to put Nickname = pseudo, Serveur = Realm, ilvl, btag = battle net tag. 


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Aw :(


Is it possible to pay for UI like that ? :)


I can alsow pay for it without the pony i ilke the UI so much :)

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