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The Most Popular DPS for Mythic+ in Shadowlands Season 1 Week 16

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We are looking at the most popular DPS for Mythic+ in Shadowlands Season 1, two weeks after Patch 9.0.5 went live.

DATA RELIABILITY: The data used in this article comes from benched.me. Reddit user OtherwiseUniversity7 plotted all keys available from the Blizzard API (excluding the CN region) on a single ridge plot to gather the data.

This Week's Affixes (Week of March 23)

Player Activity

Here, we see the number of Mythic Keystone runs recorded each week since Shadowlands Season 1 launched. A total of 602K+ runs have been completed this week.

newplot (29).png

Total Runs Recorded

First, we look at the total runs recorded for each DPS spec during the 16th week of Mythic Season 1. Based on those numbers, we filter out the most popular ranged and melee DPS specializations.

newplot (31).png

Most Popular Melee DPS for Mythic+

Unholy Death Knight is the most popular melee spec for Mythic+ with +170K runs accrued this week. In the second place, we have Havoc Demon Hunter with +230K runs this week. In third place, there is Outlaw Rogue with +190K this week.

Enhancement Shaman is up by one rank (from 9 to 8), and Outlaw Rogue is down by one rank (from 8th to 9th place). The least popular melee spec is Assassination Rogue.

  • 1st: Unholy Death Knight - 2,657,550 runs
  • 2nd: Havoc Demon Hunter - 2,296,373 runs
  • 3rd: Outlaw Rogue - 2,218,811 runs
  • 4th: Retribution Paladin - 1,994,150 runs
  • 5th: Windwalker Monk - 1,922,535 runs
  • 6th: Fury Warrior - 1,786,109 runs
  • 7th: Arms Warrior - 1,526,786 runs
  • 8th: Enhancement Shaman - 1,099,556 runs
  • 9th: Subtlety Rogue - 1,047,427 runs
  • 10th: Feral Druid - 480,691 runs
  • 11th: Frost Death Knight - 480,544 runs
  • 12th: Assassination Rogue - 202,349 runs

Detailed Look at Spec Performance

The meta starts to kick in at around +16, where most specs start losing their share of representation to the metaclasses. Some non-meta specs stay stable in mid-range keys and only begin disappearing at higher levels.

newplot (32).png

Share of Melee DPS Specs at Each Key Level (Weekly Top 500 Runs)

To see how the meta changes during the season, we sample the top 50 runs for each dungeon (a total of 6,000 keys) for each week. Next, we count the number of times each spec appears in the weekly top 500 sample.

The data has a zig-zag quality to it. Spec numbers go up and down each week, which is the Tyrannical/Fortified split effect. On Tyrannical weeks, pushers are likely to bench their meta-class mains and play non-meta alts.

newplot (34).png

Runs By Spec and Key Level (Melee)

newplot (36).png

Most Popular Ranged DPS for Mythic+

Marksmanship Hunter has completed more than 335K runs this week and passed the 6 million runs mark so far in Season 1, and the spec remains the most popular ranged DPS, with Boomkins behind by more than 1.4 million runs in second place. Third, are Fire Mages with +352K runs compared to last week. 

The least popular DPS spec is Demonology Warlock with just +39K runs compared to last week's stats.

  • 1st: Marksmanship Hunter - 6,118,427 runs
  • 2nd: Balance Druid - 4,684,616 runs
  • 3rd: Fire Mage - 4,210,422 runs
  • 4th: Shadow Priest - 2,385,788 runs
  • 5th: Affliction Warlock - 1,823,880 runs
  • 6th: Beast Mastery Hunter - 1,735,325 runs
  • 7th: Frost Mage - 1,485,484 runs
  • 8th: Elemental Shaman - 1,281,437 runs
  • 9th: Destruction Warlock - 1,204,752 runs
  • 10th: Arcane Mage - 540,084 runs
  • 11th: Demonology Warlock - 402,130 runs

Detailed Look at Spec Performance

newplot (33).png

Share of Ranged DPS Specs at Each Key Level (Weekly Top 500 Runs)

newplot (35).png

Runs By Spec and Key Level (Ranged)

newplot (37).png

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