What's Coming in Shadowlands Patch 9.0.5

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Everything you need to know about Patch 9.0.5, the first Shadowlands content patch.


What is the Major Focus of Patch 9.0.5?

Patch 9.0.5 focuses entirely on systems, responding to community feedback about rewards, tuning, and fixing a range of bugs that cannot be easily hotfixed.


When Will Patch 9.0.5 Release?

Patch 9.0.5 will go live in March 2021. A specific release date has not been announced yet.


What is Coming in Patch 9.0.5?

The subsequent sections cover larger chunks of content changes coming in Patch 9.0.5. These include:


Upgradable Mythic Keystone Gear

Many dungeon-focused players reached a point where the only relevant rewards from the system come from the Great Vault, so Mythic+ gear will become upgradable with Valor Points.


Covenant and Legendary Items Tuning

The changes coming in 9.0.5 are improvements to Legendary Powers and Covenant class abilities that have seen comparatively less use by players. The goal with the tuning is to provide more gameplay options for crafting and utilizing Legendary items in specific situations, and to make sure that more players feel that the Covenant that suits their aesthetic, narrative, or other preferences for their character also feels more viable for their preferred playstyle.


Items and Rewards Changes in Patch 9.0.5

This section contains changes to items and rewards in the 9.0.5 update.

  • Completing a Mythic Keystone dungeon after the timer has ended now rewards a second item. The Item Level of the second item will be slightly lower (e.g. finishing a Mythic 7 Keystone dungeon, but not completing the timer now rewards the party with an Item Level 200 and an Item level 197 item).
  • The Wandering Ancient mount becomes available to anyone who purchased Shadowlands.
  • Great Vault raid loot requirements have changed. You only need to defeat 3/6/9 raid bosses (was 3/7/10).
  • Potency Conduits now drop in Castle Nathria.
  • Once players reach Renown 40 with their Covenant, the weekly quest to gather 1,000 Anima will now award you with 1,500 Gold.
  • Once players have recruited the maximum amount of Souls for their Covenant, your weekly quest to rescue Souls from The Maw will now award you with 500 Anima.
  • Rhinestone Sunglasses Icon Rhinestone Sunglasses can now be used in transmogrification and will appear in your collection once found.
  • Vendor prices for items below Item Level 75 have been adjusted.
  • Enchant Weapon - Lightless Force Icon Enchant Weapon - Lightless Force no longer targets out-of-combat or crowd-controlled enemies.

PvP Changes in Patch 9.0.5

We highlighted the changes coming to PvP and Battlegrounds below.

  • The Horde flag size in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks has been increased to match the size of the Alliance flag.
  • Focused Assault and brutal Assault now increase damage taken by 10% per stack and reduces healing received by 5% per stack in Warsong Gulch, Twin Peaks, and Eye of the Storm.

Epic Battleground Changes

Blizzard outlined several adjustments to the Ashran, Isle of Conquest, and Wintergrasp Epic Battlegrounds that you can find here.


The Maw Zone Changes

  • A new account-wide unlock has been added to Ve'nari that reveals teleporter nodes near all the long walkable chains in Torghast to help you quickly cross the chains and no longer have to face your fear of heights.
  • Reduced the health and amount of Anima Devourers required for Stage 1 of the Winged Soul Eaters Hunt.

Torghast Changes

  • A brief description of each wing is now available before embarking on any given Torghast run.
  • To better increase your odds of success, a recommended Item Level will now be displayed when selecting which Layer difficulty to attempt.
  • The amount of enemies on multiple floors has been reduced.


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