Ultraxion heroic healing buffs, who gets what?

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my guild is working on heroic ultraxion 25 now, and we've been having some debates about who should take which buff.

Our healing set-up is: 2 holy paladins, 1 disc priest, 1 resto shaman and 2 resto druids

If I understand your suggestion in the guide right, you're saying that the buffs should go like this:

Red: druids

Green: shaman and disc

Blue: holy paladins

Our RL (he's one of the holy paladins) is arguing that he should take the green buff and then replace it with a blue buff later when the blue crystals pop. But this leaves the shaman or the disc with no buff.

What do you guys think?

PS: we aren't really wiping to healing issues, but it's been a point of contention and we can't seem to agree on it and are always wasting 20 minutes before each raid to figure it out.


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The crystal distribution sounds about right, you can try changing around red and green buffs, but keep your holy paladins on the blue buff.

As for your raid leader, I think he's just saying that because he wants to have fun with high healing and high healing meters. It is much more benificial for you raid If every healer has one crystal. If healing is not an issue, you can always try 5-healing it, that way he could take both a green and a blue buff.

On our progression we had a disc and a druid on red, holy priest and druid on green, and 2 paladins on blue.

some tips for the healers:

  • Make sure the soaking group is always topped up right before a new hour of twilight.
  • Right at the start, let the healers use the button and pop heroism for the DPS, this way the healers won't get it. then when you're at about 20% you can pop hero again to give the healers a nice boost.
  • Try to save raid cooldowns for this time as well, start using divine hymn, barrier, tranquility and aura mastery when you're having difficulty healing (around 25-30%). Try to have a set rotation so everyone uses his cooldown when he's supposed to (for example: AM+ Dhymn, AM + first tranq, second tranq + barrier, spirit link + all remaining cooldowns (tree of life, and spam aoe healing)).
Once your gear gets better, the healing will be easier and the DPS will be higher. With higher DPS, the fight is shorter and the aoe damage is lower, so less healing is needed.

(more dps => less healing => more dps => less healing), try replacing a healer with a DPS.

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In my opinion, you should do exactly as we advise in the guide (big surprise, huh?):

Red: Resto Druids

Blue: Holy Paladins

Green: the others (your resto shaman and your disc priest)

What your raid leader is suggesting can be valid (we mention it in the guide, that you can have a holy paladin take green and then later on take blue), but it's better off done when you are using 5 (or 2) healers, and you can afford to waste a crystal.

Since you say the issue isn't wiping to low healing, then you can also just let it go and just try to get as much progression time as possible on the actual fight.

Also what MadMonk said is true, you can consider dropping a healer to make the fight easier on the enrage. Also, I agree with his tips :)

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Also agreeing for the most part. We don't have a Resto Druid in our raid so our paladin takes the red buff.

With current gear and 20% nerf he now solo-heals the boss... but when we first downed him we had a discipline priest help out. She was able to smite at the start, helped healing a little just before the red buff popped, then smited again and helped healing again when the damage got too insane for our pally.

That way we had the advantage of only having 1.5 healers and thus quite a few DPS more. A Smiter is also great for passively keeping the tank alive while still dealing some DPS. This way our pally could just holy radiance all over the place.

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Thanks so much for all the replies! I passed on the tips from MadMonk to our RL, and we eventually killed it last night!

Big thanks again.

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