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question about DW blood dk

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hi guys

I saw in your guide that you say blood dks should use a two handed weapon, but my question is why? can't we still use two 1 handers? I always played dw (from playing frost even in lich king) and i just like the style better

why why don't you advise it? or is it ok, like if we have two good 1 handers and a bit worse 2 hander, we should duel wield?


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The blood tree is built around using a two hander. With dual wielding you're going to lose out on two major things:

1. You're not going to generate and maintain enough threat

2. Your Death Strike is going to hit for next to nothing. You'll end up seeing a DPS loss, and more importantly you won't be able to generate a good bubble or heal yourself worth anything. You'll become a liability instead of an asset.

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The reason why you don't want to dual wield as a Blood Death Knight is because it is a massive threat loss. This is due to the fact that a lot of your attacks are based on "weapon damage", but they only take into account the damage done by your main-hand weapon. The damage of 1 handed weapons is much smaller than that of 2 handed ones, and, so, your damage will be much, much lower.

Even if you gain other minor benefits along the way (like slightly better stats, although this is only likely to happen if your 1 handed weapons are much better than your 2 hander), the loss in threat is too great to make dual wielding an option.

Oh, and regarding HardBeatZ' second point, Death Strike's healing (or the shield that it generates through your Mastery) is not based on the damage that Death Strike does. It's only based on the amount of damage that YOU had taken and your maximum health :)

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This is a relevant thread on tankspot. If you go through the banter and get to a real answer, the best thing I could find is

"The numbers are self explanatory. Look at your abilities. DRW (Dancing Rune Weapon) will benefit more from a 2h weapon so will heartstrike, runestrike, and deathstrike. These are all instant cast abilities that take into account the numbers and stats of your main hand weapon damage."

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Your questions already been answered, but I agree. A dual-wielding DK is friggin awesome looking. I just wish they'd give them something like Titan's Grip.

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Oh I used to do it in Wrath, Frost DK DW "Tank" glad they picked one tank spec in the long run, but was pretty bitter when they picked blood over my Frost spec. Howling Blast was so amazing for AoE threat, 5 mans were cake!

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Howling Blast was so amazing for AoE threat, 5 mans were cake!

They should have moved that to Blood Spec somehow. You're right, Howling Blast was OP as all hell and the added bonus of it applied Frost Fever over the innately weak Icy Touch.

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