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[Archived] Hearthstone Legendary Paladin Aggro Deck [NAXX]

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I've always loved playing paladin decks, but just started using this one. I've never gotten higher than rank 14 as I'm fairly new to the game, but my first night of trying this I got to rank 11 fairly quickly. Like folks have previously said, control decks (Priests are the bane of my existence) are your hardest opponents, but against other aggro opponents, with a good mulligans, I destroy them. Have had a few matches done by turn 4 or 5 where I took no damage. Great deck! My main change was I took out the guys that reduce attack to 1, and replaced them with the silencing owls. I always try to have one sludge in my decks to destroy weapons. Divine Favor has many matches with little use, but it's also won me a few matches vs warriors especially, where I've gone from 2 to 10 cards in one turn. Huge!

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