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To-Do List for Dragonflight Week #2

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The second week of Dragonflight starts with the weekly maintenance in each region and we've compiled a to-do list to help you prioritize your daily and weekly goals!

I Haven't Reached Level 70 Yet

  • Focus on reaching Level 70 by following the main campaign and a few side quests that are along the way. Yesterday, we highlighted a leveling route by Harldan, who reached Level 70 in just 4 hours and 31 minutes. We definitely recommend you check that out if you'd like to reach max level as soon as possible.

Dragonflight Week #2 To-Do List

  • If you've just hit Level 70, enable War Mode and farm Bloody Tokens for Item Level 366 gear.
  • Clear all dungeons for Mythic Difficulty for Item Level 372 loot.
  • Pick up the Weekly Quest in Valdrakken named "Aiding the Accord". Gather 4,000 reputation with any of the four major factions to receive 500 reputation with all factions and a chance at one piece of gear which scales with your Item Level. Don't worry if you didn't complete it last week, the progress will carry over.
  • Complete World Quests to further improve your gear. World Quest rewards currently appear to scale up to Item Level 375 (maybe even more, but I haven't seen anything higher yet).
  • Kill Rare Elites for a chance at gear.
  • Complete Valdrakken Profession Quests and Darkmoon Faire Profession Quests.
  • Complete Show Your Mettle for easy Artisan's Mettle Artisan's Mettle.
  • When you're at Renown 7 with Iskaara Tuskarr, you can summon a rare (Fisherman Tinnak), which drops 1 piece of loot.
  • Complete Trial of Flood (56, 79 in Ohn'ahran Plains) and Trial of Elements (accessed through a portal in the Temporal Conflux [Thaldraszus]). The weekly events guarantee to drop loot. The rewards will again scale with your level.
  • Honor gear is currently upgradable to Item Level 353 and will be able to be upgraded to Rank 5 when Season 1 starts.
  • If you're at Renown 5 with the Maruuk Centaur, complete Grand Hunts to increase your reputation standing with the faction and Grand Hunt Spoils Grand Hunt Spoils. The first hunt has a chance to contain the Plainswalker Bearer Plainswalker Bearer mount. However, repeated completions will yield slightly worse rewards.
  • Complete quests for Spark of Ingenuity Spark of Ingenuity, a BoP crafting reagent used to create high item level gear in Dragonflight. The same goes for alts who can now pick up quests for Spark of Ingenuity Spark of Ingenuity even when they are not at Level 70.

Is anything missing from the list? Let us know in the comments down below and we will add it!

We'll be back with another to-do list when Season 1 starts next week.

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Would expound upon the kill rare elites for a chance at gear, rares like Captain Lancer can drop up to 382 depending on your own ilvl at time of kill. Tbh its probably worth of its own article given there's specific mobs per zone that drop higher potential ilvl than the rest of the rares.


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