Weekly and Daily To-Do List for Dragonflight (10.0.5)

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The following guide contains a to-do list for Dragonflight and highlights your daily and weekly goals in the new expansion.



It can be difficult to prioritize your goals whenever a new expansion releases. We compiled a list of goals that you should focus on after Dragonflight goes live. You can find a summary of all the content that awaits you in our expansion hub.


Fresh Level 70 Guide

If you have just hit Level 70, we recommend you to check out our Fresh Level 70 guide linked below.


To-Do List for Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 Week 1

This section covers what you should focus on during the week of January 24, 2023. The exact item level of rewards will depend on your current item level and the system is build so it offers slight upgrades every time you complete the events.

  • Quest for the fifth Spark of Ingenuity Icon Spark of Ingenuity is now available on live servers. Head to the Engine of Innovation in Valdrakken to get started.
  • Defeat World Boss Bazual for a chance at Item Level 395 loot.
  • Gray and White items are available for transmog. Experiment with the new transmog options to create new appearances!
  • The Revival Catalyst is now available, allowing players to convert Season 1 gear into Primalist Raid Tier Sets. Complete the intro quest to unlock your first Catalyst Charge across all characters!
  • Complete 5 Timewalking Dungeons for the weekly quest to receive 1 piece of Item Level 389-405 loot.
  • Complete The Storm's Fury event in Primalist Tomorrow to collect the new currency for Item Level 389 gear.
  • Focus on clearing Vault of the Incarnates for loot and obtaining your Tier Set pieces from the raid. Consider clearing it on Raid Finder difficulty if you do not raid. The minimum requirement to queue up for the raid is Item Level 359.
  • Clear at least 8 Mythic Dungeons per week to unlock all item choices in the Great Vault.
  • Collect Honor in PvP to unlock more item choices in the Great Vault.
  • Complete Primal Storms for catch-up gear.
  • Complete the following weekly events: Trial of Flood in Ohn'ahran Plains (59, 79) and Trial of Elements in Primalist Tomorrow, accessed through a portal in Temporal Conflux (Thaldraszus). The weekly events guarantee to drop a piece of loot.
  • Complete Siege on Dragonbane Keep for a chance at loot.
  • At Renown 5 with Maruuk Centaur, complete Grand Hunts to receive Grand Hunt Spoils Icon Grand Hunt Spoils. The first hunt of the week has a chance to contain the Plainswalker Bearer Icon Plainswalker Bearer mount. You can complete as many hunts during the week as you would like. However, repeated completions will yield slightly worse rewards.
  • Complete the weekly Community Feast event for 500 reputation with the Iskaara Tuskarr and a piece of loot.
  • Pick up the Weekly Quest Aiding the Accord in Valdrakken. Gather 3,000 reputation with any of the four major factions by completing World Quests and other events and associated events that appear on the map. You will receive 500 reputation with the factions, 5 Primal Chaos Icon Primal Chaos, 250 Dragon Isles Supplies, and a piece of gear (not guaranteed).
  • Kill Rares and Super Rares to improve your gear. The item level of rewards will scale with your item level to offer slightly better gear.
  • Complete the Valdrakken Profession Quests for Skill Points and Knowledge.
  • Complete Show Your Mettle for a free Artisan's Mettle Icon Artisan's Mettle.

Tracking Daily and Weekly Objectives in Dragonflight

Tama's Dragonflight Helper is an extremely useful WeakAura that we recommend you to import for easier tracking of your objectives.



  • 25 Jan. 2023: Updated for Patch 10.0.5 Week 1.
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