Weekly and Daily To-Do List for Dragonflight (10.1)

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The following guide contains a to-do list for Patch 10.1 and highlights your daily and weekly goals in the latest content update.



It can be challenging to prioritize your goals whenever a new patch releases. We compiled a list of goals that you should focus on when Patch 10.1 goes live. You can find a summary of all the content that awaits you in our content overview.


Fresh Level 70 Guide

If you have just hit Level 70, we recommend you to check out our Fresh Level 70 guide instead.


To-Do List for Dragonflight Patch 10.1 Week 4

This section covers what you should focus on during the week of May 15, 2023. The exact item level of rewards will depend on your current item level. The system is built to offer slight upgrades every time you complete the events.


I Have Not Played in Patch 10.1 Yet

If you have not played the patch yet, complete the following goals first before you proceed further.


What is New This Week?

  • Cataclysm Timewalking is available this week. Completing 5 Timewalking Dungeons or killing 5 raid bosses for the weekly quest rewards a chest with 1 piece of Normal difficulty Aberrus gear (Item Level 415-437. Firelands raid bosses drops upgradeable 415 Champion gear. Timewalking Dungeons drop Item Level 385 gear.
  • The Winds of the Sanctuary Diablo event starts this week. Check out our guide guide for more details.
  • The final Patch 10.1 campaign chapter is now available to players who defeated Scalecommander Sarkareth.
  • Tarecgosa's Rest is now available as a standalone mount for Dragonwrath wielders. You can start the questline by talking to Kalecgos atop of the Seat of Aspects in Valdrakken.
  • If you are among the lucky Evokers currently working on the Legendary Weapon, check out this post.
  • Defeat the new World Boss in Zaralak Cavern for a chance at Item Level 415 loot before claiming a reward from the Great Vault
  • Complete the Researchers Under Fire weekly event. The event lasts for 30 minutes and takes place at Ruins of Drekazera. Your goal is to assist researchers to lift a titan lockdown. The event has two phases. In Phase 1, you assist Rannan by completing various tasks. The more tasks you complete, the better rewards you will get. Phase 2 revolves around defending the camp from attackers and culminates in a boss fight. Your first weekly completion gives you 250 Loamm Niffen Reputation Guide reputation, a piece of Suffusion gear, Flightstones Icon Flightstones, and a chance at Devourer Lobstrok Icon Devourer Lobstrok and Flaming Shalewing Subject 01 Icon Flaming Shalewing Subject 01. Repeated completions will grant fewer rewards.
  • Complete the weekly A Worthy Ally: Loamm Niffen quest for Scentsational Niffen Treasures Icon Scentsational Niffen Treasures), which contains your weekly Splintered Spark of Shadowflame Icon Splintered Spark of Shadowflame used to create a Spark of Shadowflame Icon Spark of Shadowflame Crafting Reagent), 500 reputation with the faction, Flightstones Icon Flightstones, and gear.
  • You can also get Spark of Shadowflame Icon Spark of Shadowflame from Malicia's Hoard Icon Malicia's Hoard by completing the PvP quest called Proving the War.
  • Pick up the Weekly Quest Aiding the Accord in Valdrakken. Gather 3,000 reputation with any of the five major factions by completing World Quests and a faction-specific event. You will receive 500 reputation with the Major Factions, 250 Dragon Isles Supplies and a piece of gear (not guaranteed).
  • Complete Fyrakk Assaults for gear and gear upgrading tokens.
  • Clear Aberrus to complete your 4-piece set bonus and unlock choices in the Great Vault.
  • Clear at least eight Mythic Dungeons weekly to unlock all item choices in the Great Vault.
  • Collect Honor in PvP to unlock more item choices in the Great Vault.
  • Complete activities for Flightstones Icon Flightstones to upgrade gear to higher ranks.
  • Go Sniffenseeking with Myrrit to get a reputation with the Loamm Niffen and Zaralek Glowspores Icon Zaralek Glowspores.
  • Kill Zaralak Cavern rares for reputation and Flightstones Icon Flightstones.
  • Complete Zaralek Cavern events for Unearthed Fragrant Coin Icon Unearthed Fragrant Coins.
  • At Renown 3, you can start completing Profession quests in Valdrakken for Loamm Niffen Reputation Guide reputation and bricks to start bartering with Ponzo.
  • Complete Zaralek Cavern zone events. They reward Clanging Dirt-Covered Pouch Icon Clanging Dirt-Covered Pouch and Clinking Dirt-Covered Pouch Icon Clinking Dirt-Covered Pouch, which both have a chance to contain an upgradeable piece of gear, Flightstones Icon Flightstones, used for gear upgrading in Season 2, and reputation with the Loamm Niffen.
  • Complete the Valdrakken Profession Quests for Skill Points and Knowledge.
  • Complete Show Your Mettle for a free Artisan's Mettle Icon Artisan's Mettle.

Tracking Daily and Weekly Objectives in Dragonflight

Tama's Season 2 Helper is an extremely useful WeakAura that we recommend you import for easier tracking of your objectives in Zaralak Cavern.



  • 24 May 2023: Updated for the fourth week of Patch 10.1.
  • 18 May 2023: Updated for the Week 3.
  • 09 May 2023: Updated for Season 2 launch week.
  • 05 May 2023: Removed Researchers Under Fire from Week 1, fixed dungeon quest requirements.
  • 03 May 2023: Updated with the Weekly Dungeon Event.
  • 30 Apr. 2023: Updated for Patch 10.1 Week 1.
  • 09 Apr. 2023: Updated for Patch 10.0.7 Week 3.
  • 02 Apr. 2023: Updated for Patch 10.0.7 Week 2.
  • 23 Mar. 2023: Updated for Patch 10.0.7 launch.
  • 09 Feb. 2023: Updated for Patch 10.0.5 Week 3.
  • 25 Jan. 2023: Updated for Patch 10.0.5 Week 1.
  • 10 Jan. 2023: Updated for Week 7.
  • 05 Jan. 2023: Updated for Week 6.
  • 28 Dec. 2022: Updated for Week 5.
  • 21 Dec. 2022: Updated for Week 4.
  • 17 Dec. 2022: Updated for Week 3.
  • 07 Dec. 2022: Updated for the Week of Dec 6.
  • 28 Nov. 2022: Guide added.
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