Iskaara Tuskarr Reputation Overview in Dragonflight (10.0.2)

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The Dragonflight expansion features the return of a new and improved Renown system of gaining reputation, and is used for the main factions of the Dragon Isles. Here, you will learn about one of these known as the Iskaara Tuskarr and discover its rewards at every Renown level, important profession recipes tied to your reputation, and what unique weekly activities are available for you involving it.


Iskaara Tuskarr Background

Iskaara Tuskarr Crest

The Iskaara Tuskarr are a clan of Tuskarr that have been peacefully living in harmony with nature on the Dragon Isles for generations, even occasionally befriending the odd loa from time to time. Although they are friendly and welcoming to outsiders, they recently have been facing threats from the nearby Gnoll population of Brackenhide Hollow. By befriending these Tuskarr and engaging in some of their local customs, you will not only gain plenty of knowledge of fishing (and more than your fair share of eel gut soup), but also help Kalecgos and the blue dragonflight locate potent sources of magic known as leylines across The Azure Span!


Meeting the Iskaara Tuskarr

You will first gain access to this Renown-based reputation later in the Dragonflight leveling experience, while you are nearly halfway through The Azure Span's main story. Progression properly begins with the quest To Iskaara, sending you to the Iskaara Tuskarr's coastal village. From here, you may also pick up the Orientation Iskaara quest to help introduce yourself to many of the important NPCs involved with its rewards. Note, however, that you may still earn reputation with the Iskaara Tuskarr even before being able to claim any rewards for reaching higher Renown levels.

If you would like to learn more about how earning reputation and Renown works within the four major factions of Dragonflight, please see our overview below.


Why Gain Renown with the Iskaara Tuskarr

Although all Renown-based reputations in Dragonflight mostly contain "optional" rewards such as mounts, cosmetic armor and weapon appearances, toys, battle pets, titles, and unique Dragonriding customizations, they also provide access to a variety of additional activities within the zones of the Dragon Isles that also reward extra gear that may prove valuable while initially gearing a character at Level 70. In addition, note that many of the rewards and features from this reputation are account-based unlocks that also feature catch-up mechanisms for alts. This is especially helpful if you wish to acquire some of the unique Profession recipes that are locked behind specific renown levels.

If you are behind on your Renown, you may wish to take advantage of the Dreamsurges present throughout the zones of the Dragon Isles as of Patch 10.1.7. In addition to providing easy access to catchup gear for your character as you do world quests in a zone with an active Dreamsurge, you may also occasionally receive the Dreamsurge Learnings Icon Dreamsurge Learnings buff for 30 minutes at a time. This buff increases your experience and reputation earnings by 50% while active!

For the Iskaara Tuskarr in particular, here is a summary of all rewards available from maximizing its 30 Renown levels:

  • Access to the weekly Tuskarr Community Feast event for potent food buffs, among other rewards;
  • Many additions to the Fishing Profession, including the placement of fishing nets to automatically catch fish over time;
  • Item level 376 and 389 gear;
  • 19 Profession recipes;
  • 9 Dragonriding customizations;
  • 7 toys;
  • 2 battle pets, with more obtainable from other reward activities;
  • 4 mounts, with more obtainable from other reward activities;
  • 47+ cosmetic weapon and armor appearances.

Iskaara Tuskarr Renown Rewards

Below you can find tables breaking down the rewards for all 30 Renown levels currently available to progress through with the Iskaara Tuskarr, along with some additional notes elaborating them.

1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30

Renown 1-5

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
1 The Iskaara Tuskar - Default renown level upon completing the quest To Iskaara
2 Sacred Tuskarr Totems Elder Poa Sacred Tuskarr Totem Icon Sacred Tuskarr Totems can be obtained from gnoll-, furbolg-, and tuskar-themed treasures/rares; turn in for additional Iskaara Tuskarr reputation
3 Community Feasts Big Kinook Access to Comunity Feasts for weekly rewards
4 Fishing Holes - Able to see and interact with fishing pools that offer small activities for additional fish and rewards.
4 Cooking Supplies Lil Ki Tuskarr Traveling Soup Pot Icon Tuskarr Traveling Soup Pot and Whale Bone Tea Set Icon Whale Bone Tea Set toys, as well as the cosmetic Tuskarr Clobbering Board Icon Tuskarr Clobbering Board and Tuskarr Ulu Knife Icon Tuskarr Ulu Knife appearances
5 Fishing Nets I Tavio Learn to make Iskaaran Fishing Net Icon Iskaaran Fishing Nets, which can be placed in specific locations to automatically catch fish over time, even when logged out!
5 Worldly Story Scrolls Elder Poa Once a week, you can obtain a Story of a Memorable Victory Icon Story of a Memorable Victory from treasure chests or rares; turn it in for 250 reputation.

Renown 6-10

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
6 Highlands Fishing Tavio See and interact with fishing nodes in the higher locations across the Dragon Isles
6 Tuskarr Headwear Omapurita 8 tuskarr-themed helm transmogs (four recolors each of two different models, including Forest Green Ear Warmer Icon Forest Green Ear Warmer and Blue Stocking Cap Icon Blue Stocking Cap)
7 Fishing Harpoon I Tavio Learn to craft an Iskaaran Harpoon Icon Iskaaran Harpoon; the materials will be found in the Azure span at coordinates 50.48 36.66, and 19.92 48.77, with the Wooden Pole Icon Wooden Pole appearing in many areas across the zone (including Iskaara itself). Owning an Iskaaran Harpoon will cause additional fishing-related world quests to appear.
7 Drakewatcher Manuscripts I Norukk Highland Drake: Spiked Cheek Icon Highland Drake: Spiked Cheek, Highland Drake: Multi-Horned Head Icon Highland Drake: Multi-Horned Head, Highland Drake: Bushy Brow Icon Highland Drake: Bushy Brow Dragonriding customizations
8 Dragon Isles Supplies Murik One-time reward of a Small Iskaaran Supply Pack Icon Small Iskaaran Supply Pack
8 Bonus Supplies I - 25% chance to receive extra Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies when looting plant and floral-based treasures in the Dragon Isles
9 Stablemaster-in-Training Jiq Whiskuk Icon Whiskuk and Backswimmer Timbertooth Icon Backswimmer Timbertooth battle pets
10 Ice Fishing Tavio Learn to make an Iskaaran Ice Axe Icon Iskaaran Ice Axe to unlock ice fishing nodes
10 Word of a Worthy Ally I - Gain +100% Iskaara Tuskarr rep for all characters on your account below Renown 10 with them

Renown 11-15

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
11 Questline: The Chieftain's Duty Murik Continue the Iskaara Tuskarr storyline
12 Tuskarr Trader's Gear Lontupit A cosmetic armor set and cloak (Ensemble: Tuskarr Trader's Leather Armor Icon Ensemble: Tuskarr Trader's Leather Armor and Tuskarr Trader's Cloak Icon Tuskarr Trader's Cloak); this cosmetic set can only be used by Leather-wearing classes (Demon Hunter, Druid, Monk, or Rogue)
13 Fishing Nets II Tavio The Iskaaran Fishing Net Icon Iskaaran Fishing Net can be upgraded with Draconium Net Weights Icon Draconium Net Weights or Imbu Knot Icon Imbu Knot to increase capacity or catch rate, respectively
13 Drakewatcher Manuscripts II Norukk Highland Drake: Bladed Tail Icon Highland Drake: Bladed Tail, Highland Drake: Large Spotted Pattern Icon Highland Drake: Large Spotted Pattern, and Highland Drake: Thorn Horns Icon Highland Drake: Thorn Horns Dragonriding customizations
14 Tuskarr Equipment 1 Arvik Item level 376 bracers (Tuskarr Trapper's Bracers Icon Tuskarr Trapper's Bracers, Tuskarr Sharkguard Wristguards Icon Tuskarr Sharkguard Wristguards, Reinforced Fisherman's Vambraces Icon Reinforced Fisherman's Vambraces, Tuskarr Crafter's Bindings Icon Tuskarr Crafter's Bindings)
14 Crafter's Knowledge I Rokkutuk Gain free profession knowledge for use with your chosen Dragonflight Profession
15 Dungeon-Delver's Story Scrolls Elder Poa Earn one Story of a Spectacular Victory Icon Story of a Spectacular Victory per week from completing Dragonflight dungeons; turn in for 350 reputation
15 Tuskarr Cooking Rokkutuk Recipe: Impossibly Sharp Cutting Knife Icon Recipe: Impossibly Sharp Cutting Knife
15 Lava Fishing Tavio Learn to craft Polished Basalt Bracelet Icon Polished Basalt Bracelet and unlock additional fishing nodes in lava pools throughout the Dragon Isles

Renown 16-20

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
16 Tuskarr Backpacks Tikukk 12 cosmetic back transmogs (four recolors each of three different models, including Rustic Tuskarr Backpack Icon Rustic Tuskarr Backpack, Rustic Fisherman's Pack Icon Rustic Fisherman's Pack, and Rustic Tuskarr Traders Pack Icon Rustic Tuskarr Traders Pack)
17 Fisherman's Fancy Ninvuq Fisherman's Folly Icon Fisherman's Folly and Rubbery Fish Head Icon Rubbery Fish Head toys
18 Fishing Harpoon II Tavio Learn to craft Irontree Harpoon Handle Icon Irontree Harpoon Handle, Seavine Harpoon Rope Icon Seavine Harpoon Rope, and Serevite Harpoon Head Icon Serevite Harpoon Head for your Iskaaran Harpoon Icon Iskaaran Harpoon
19 Drakewatcher Manuscripts III Norukk Windborne Velocidrake: Blue Scales Icon Windborne Velocidrake: Blue Scales, Renewed Proto-Drake: Blue Scales Icon Renewed Proto-Drake: Blue Scales, and Cliffside Wylderdrake: Blue Scales Icon Cliffside Wylderdrake: Blue Scales Dragonriding customizations
20 Word of a Worthy Ally II - Gain +100% Iskaara Tuskarr rep for all characters on your account below Renown 20 with them, and +200% when below Renown 10
20 Dragon Isles Supplies Murik One-time reward of Small Iskaaran Supply Pack Icon Small Iskaaran Supply Pack
20 Bonus Supplies II - 50% chance to receive extra Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies when looting plant and floral-based treasures in the Dragon Isles

Renown 21-25

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
21 Tuskarr Tabard Murik Iskaara Tuskarr Tabard Icon Iskaara Tuskarr Tabard
22 Tuskarr Equipment II Arvik Item level 389 Shoulders (Tuskarr Crafter's Mantle Icon Tuskarr Crafter's Mantle, Tuskarr Trapper's Spaulders Icon Tuskarr Trapper's Spaulders, Tuskarr Sharkguard Shoulderguards Icon Tuskarr Sharkguard Shoulderguards, Tuskarr Boneplate Pauldrons Icon Tuskarr Boneplate Pauldrons)
23 Blue Comfort Lontupit Blue-Covered Beanbag Icon Blue-Covered Beanbag
24 Tuskarr Weaponry Hanu 6 cosmetic weapon models (1H Axe, Crossbow, Dagger, 2H Mace, Polearm, and Staff)
24 Crafter's Knowledge II Rokkutuk Gain free profession knowledge for use with your chosen Dragonflight Profession
25 Scouting Ottuks Tatto Yellow Scouting Ottuk Icon Yellow Scouting Ottuk and Brown Scouting Ottuk Icon Brown Scouting Ottuk mounts

Renown 26-30

Level Reward Relevant NPC Additional Info
26 Snow Fun Kiopo Magical Snow Sled Icon Magical Snow Sled and Iskaara Tug Sled Icon Iskaara Tug Sled toys
27 Tuskarr Tackleboxes Tavio Contain a variety of useful goods, Gold, and Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies
28 Tuskarr Shoulderpads Lontupit 12 cosmetic shoulder transmogs (four recolors each of three models, including Red Tufted Shoulderpads Icon Red Tufted Shoulderpads, Bloody Shorestalker's Spaulders Icon Bloody Shorestalker's Spaulders, and Crimson Depths Shoulderguards Icon Crimson Depths Shoulderguards)
29 Gnoll Backpacks Scaps 5 cosmetic backpacks (five recolors of the same model, eg: Tan Paw Pack Icon Tan Paw Pack)
30 Part of the Community - "of Iskaara" title
30 War Ottuks Tatto Yellow War Ottuk Icon Yellow War Ottuk and Brown War Ottuk Icon Brown War Ottuk mounts
30 A Heroic Reward Murik Obtain one free Primal Infusion Icon Primal Infusion, used when crafting item level 395 gear with Dragonflight Professions. Can be used in Crafting Orders

Iskaara Tuskarr Quartermaster and NPCs

Although there are many NPCs among the Iskaara Tuskarr, there are a handful that are more important due to being frequent vendors of its many Renown rewards. However, with that being said, all purchasable Renown rewards can be acquired from Murik in Iskaara! Murik, who acts as the faction's quartermaster, can be found at coordinates 13.13, 49.27 in The Azure Span; look for him directly outside of the chieftain's hut next to the flight point.


Iskaara Tuskarr Profession Recipes

In addition to the cosmetic rewards offered at various Renown levels, there are a number of Profession recipes available for purchase as well. Some of these may prove especially important for you if you are looking to make some extra Gold or acquire additional profession knowledge! The recipes, their required renown level, and relevant profession are listed below.

Note that all of these recipes can be acquired from Murik in Iskaara.

Renown Level Recipe Profession
10 Formula: Enchant Cloak - Regenerative Leech Icon Formula: Enchant Cloak - Regenerative Leech Enchanting
10 Formula: Enchant Chest - Accelerated Agility Icon Formula: Enchant Chest - Accelerated Agility Enchanting
10 Design: Kalu'ak Figurine Icon Design: Kalu'ak Figurine Jewelcrafting
10 Design: Energized Ysemerald Icon Design: Energized Ysemerald Jewelcrafting
10 Design: Keen Ysemerald Icon Design: Keen Ysemerald Jewelcrafting
10 Design: Radiant Alexstraszite Icon Design: Radiant Alexstraszite Jewelcrafting
10 Design: Sensei's Alexstraszite Icon Design: Sensei's Alexstraszite Jewelcrafting
13 Technique: Highland Drake: Black Hair Icon Technique: Highland Drake: Black Hair Inscription
15 Pattern: Allied Heartwarming Fur Coat Icon Pattern: Allied Heartwarming Fur Coat Leatherworking
15 Pattern: Snowball Makers Icon Pattern: Snowball Makers Leatherworking
15 Design: Idol of the Dreamer Icon Design: Idol of the Dreamer Jewelcrafting
15 Design: Idol of the Spell-Weaver Icon Design: Idol of the Spell-Weaver Jewelcrafting
18 Pattern: Shockproof Gloves Icon Pattern: Shockproof Gloves Leatherworking
18 Pattern: Lavish Floral Pack Icon Pattern: Lavish Floral Pack Leatherworking
18 Pattern: Resplendent Cover Icon Pattern: Resplendent Cover Leatherworking
18 Pattern: Expert Skinner's Cap Icon Pattern: Expert Skinner's Cap Leatherworking
18 Design: Fine-Print Trifocals Icon Design: Fine-Print Trifocals Jewelcrafting
18 Design: Resonant Focus Icon Design: Resonant Focus Jewelcrafting
23 Pattern: Tuskarr Beanbag Icon Pattern: Tuskarr Beanbag Leatherworking
25 Technique: Contract: Iskaara Tuskarr Icon Technique: Contract: Iskaara Tuskarr Inscription
29 Pattern: Finished Prototype Regal Barding Icon Pattern: Finished Prototype Regal Barding Leatherworking

Weekly Iskaara Tuskarr Activity: Community Feasts

One of the key unlockable features of the Iskaara Tuskarr reputation is the ability to participate in Community Feasts, performing a number of minigames to improve the quality of a soup being prepared in Iskaara to earn rewards and access to potent food buffs while out in the Dragon Isles. This feature is first unlocked at Renown level 3, though it is an account-wide unlock; that is to say, only one character needs to have reached this renown for any further characters to participate.

Community Feasts occur every 1.5 hours and will be marked on your minimap up to 10 minutes beforehand. When a feast is active, visiting Iskaara will allow you to obtain a weekly quest to help improve the "Aroma" of the finished soup over the next 15 minutes, raising its overall quality from Common all the way up to Legendary! This is done by standing near the pot and completing tasks assigned to you by Big Kinook. These tasks may include some of the following:

  • Attack a piece of tough fish meat to soften it up (+10 Aroma)
  • Add a random ingredient sold by a specific vendor in Iskaara (+5 Aroma)
  • Supervise (use your Supportive Leadership Icon Supportive Leadership or Stern Leadership Icon Stern Leadership abilities 8 total times) (+10 Aroma)
  • Loot or fish up some exact ingredients nearby in Iskaara (+10 Aroma)
  • Kick Escaping fish back into the pot for 30 seconds (+1 Aroma per fish)
  • Help stir the pot (+5 Aroma)
  • At any time, find additional fish spawning around Iskaara and throw them into the pot (+5 Aroma)

As the soup reaches each Aroma threshold to improve its quality, a powerful enemy will arrive and need to be defeated before the tasks can resume. Should you spawn a powerful enough elite (like the ravenous Bisquius), you may even be rewarded with a new mount, battle pet, or ladle transmog (Big Kinook's Spare Ladle Icon Big Kinook's Spare Ladle)!

After 15 minutes have occurred, the soup is finished, and anyone may help themselves to a serving of it for the next hour, even if they did not participate in the event. Depending on the quality of the soup prepared, you will gain an increasingly strong well-fed buff that is active in the Dragon Isles. In addition, for completing the weekly quest, you will obtain a Supply-Laden Soup Pot Icon Supply-Laden Soup Pot, containing Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies, Gold, armor, ingredients, and a chance at one of the three recipes that can create the Grand Banquet of the Kalu'ak Icon Grand Banquet of the Kalu'ak. If you are lucky, you may even receive an Alchemical Flavor Pocket Icon Alchemical Flavor Pocket, which can be used in crafted gear to cause food buffs to last longer and not disappear on death!


Further Reading

The Iskaara Tuskarr are just one of the main Renown-based reputations present in Dragonflight. If you would like to learn more about the others, please see our overviews of them below!



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