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Tama's Dragonflight Helper WeakAura (To-Do List) Updated with New Modules

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If you need to track anything in Dragonflight, we recommend you to check out Tama's Dragonflight Helper. The helpful WeakAura, which displays a daily/weekly to-do list in the game, has been updated with new modules!

The old version tracked world events, Renown, and rares/super rares. 


Since we last wrote about the WeakAura on Icy Veins, the author has refined it with new functions (modules), like the Primals Module for Primal Storms,  Professions Module, and more. 

  • The Daily/Weekly Module is on by default and tracks Renown/rares and contains a general to-do list.
  • The Primals Module is off by default and will only load at level 70.
  • The Reputation Calculation Module allows you to work out the time needed to get to a rep with passive rep options.
  • The Professions Module includes all crafting weekly collectibles.

The individual modules can be downloaded separately.


You will find Tama's Dragonflight Helper over at wago.io. Please note that you must first download and install the WeakAuras 2 addon to import the string and make it work.

If you are a fan of the addon, you can buy Amzeus (Tama) some coffee!

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like Sykoh, i've always seen WA from an arms length. decided i'd check this out, but i can't get the module to show after closing out of the WA options window, it just dissapears. any tips?

edit: finally figured this out... in the 'Load' tab the option to only load in a certain zone was enabled by default. turned that off. problem resolved.

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3 hours ago, kinlopunim said:

Still havent been able to get it to show the location of the rares like in the picture.  Made multiple posts and just get ignored.  /shrug. 

Ive personally responed to Every message, so saying your getting ignored is a little off

given your issue and the fact its only been asked about once and reply to by me

I reply and told you the screen shot on icy viens is old and the zones are in the toolt tip the arent part of the bars any more, not getting the answer you want is not the same as not getting an answer 😡
saying i dont reply is a bit silly when im even replying here 

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Since the recent update (v4.10.9-77), I can no longer see any of the modules from the addon. all my settings have disappeared and I cant seem to change or reposition anything regardless of the lock positions not being locked and all settings being reverted to default. I've also tried to uninstall and reinstall the addon to no avail unfortunately. 

Alongside the above mentioned issue. I noticed that the "Reps Pack" seems to be causing a Lua error. I'm honestly not sure  what this is or how to fix it, I do have bug sack and this seems to be all that shows:

[string "@WeakAurasOptions/OptionsFrames/MoverSizer.lua"]:550: in function <WeakAurasOptions/OptionsFrames/MoverSizer.lua:541>


no longer need assistance

Edit: I think I figured this out.

Edited by SavageRabbit
I think i figured out my problem

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I am having some difficulty getting the primal storms to show up on screen with timers and stuff. In settings it looks like its turned on to show but it doesnt when i exit the settings screen. Any ideas?

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Having issues showing all my reps and location button, it use to be on there and now its not.  i have uninstalled and reinstalled it to see if that would fix it, but still not working.  Could you please help me and let me know what I'm doing wrong.

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