Renown Reputation Guide in Dragonflight (10.0.2)

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Your complete guide to Renown in the Dragonflight expansion.



Dragonflight adopts the Renown system from the Shadowlands expansion in simplified form.

When you finish the main campaign, you can start gathering Renown with the four major factions.

Renown rewards in Dragonflight are account-wide. Renown is capped at 30 at launch with the exception of the Maruuk Centaur, where the cap is 25.


Major Factions in Dragonflight

Dragonflight has 4 main Renown factions at launch with more coming in future content patches.


Dragonscale Expedition

A joint expedition of the Explorer's League and Reliquary, this fearless group of adventurers, scholars, and crafters seek to uncover the many mysteries of the Dragon Isles.

Iskaara Tuskaar

The Iskaara Tuskarr have been on the Dragon Isles for generations, living in harmony and telling tales of the world around them.

Maruuk Centaur

Centaur clans roam the Ohn'ahran Plains, where they follow the call of the wind and seek the thrill of the hunt.

Valdrakken Accord

Centered in their most ancient city, the Valdrakken Accord is the unified might of all dragonkind, seeking to protect not only their island home but all of Azeroth.

Minor Factions in Dragonflight

At Dragonflight launch, we only have one minor factions that is part of Valdrakken Accord. It is named The Cobalt Assembly.


Cobalt Assembly

The Cobalt Assembly was once a place where blue dragons would conjure marvelous creations with arcane magic. Now it has fallen into the hands of the Sundered Flame who intend to use its magic for war.

Members of the Cobalt Assembly can be found in northern Azure Span. The reputation rewards include Dragonriding cosmetics and various Profssion recipes.


The Dragon Isles Summary Tab

The Dragon Isles Summary offers insight into your Reputation Standing with the four main Renown Factions and Dragonriding talents.

You can bring it up by clicking on the new minimap button named Dragon Isles Summary.

Alternatively, you can view the information from within the default Reputation Tab that is brought up by pressing the "U" key.


Renown Levels in Dragonflight

The Renown cap in Dragonflight is 30 at launch with more levels coming in future content updates. You must gather 2,500 reputation per Renown rank to increase your Renown. Renown levels are not account-wide and must be earned on every single character.


How to Increase Renown in Dragonflight

You can increase your Renown with a faction through the weekly quest named Aiding the Accord, which you can pick up in Valdrakken.

The exact location of the quest is marked with an exclamation point icon on the map below.

The quest objective is simple. You must gather 4,000 reputation throughout Dragon Isles to complete the quest. All activities that give reputation upon completion with any of the factions will count toward the objective.

The weekly quest rewards 500 Renown with all four factions, 5 Primal Chaos Icon Primal Chaos (Crafting Reagent), 250 Dragon Isles Supplies, and a piece of loot (not guaranteed).

Furthermore, you will receive a small amount of Reputation from World Quests, Daily Quests and Side Quests.

Upon reaching Renown 2, you will unlock various treasure chests for each faction.

For Dragonscale Expedition, the objects are Expedition Scout Packs, for Maruuk Centaur they are called Centaur Hunting Trophies, Iskaara Tuskarr have Sacred Tuskarr Totems and Valdrakken Accord have Titan Relics.

Opening them grants a small amount of reputation and various other goods.

During the World Quests Bonus Event, you will gain 1 entire Renown level for the Major Faction of your choice from the weekly quest that requires you to complete 20 world quests.


Renown Rewards in Dragonflight

The vast majority of Renown rewards in Dragonflight is account-wide. For example, reaching Renown 5 with Valdrakken Accord unlocks the Siege of Dragonbane Keep event in the Waking Shores for all characters on your account.

Account-wide Renown rewards will have this information indicated in the tooltip.


Renown Catch-Up in Dragonflight

The first Renown catch-up becomes available upon Reaching Renown 10, increasing reputation gains with the 4 major factions by 100% while below rank 10. The second one unlocks at Renown 20 and increases reputation gains by 100% while your alts Renown is below 20 or by 200% when it is below rank 10.



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