[Archived] S7 Hearthstone Legendary Hunter Aggro/Rush Deck [NAXX]

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This thread is for comments about our Legendary Hunter Aggro/Rush Deck with Curse of Naxxramas cards.

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    • By Zadina

      We have a new Tavern Brawl this week called "BY THE POWER OF RAGNAROS" (emphasis on the capitals)!
      Remember Emperor Thaurissan? Well just like his effect, the cards in your hand will have their mana cost reduced at the end of your turn during this Brawl.
      Other than that, you have to pick a class and make your own deck. We haven't had a Tavern Brawl like that in a while. OTK decks, mostly variations of Exodia Mage with Malygos, seem to have the upper hand so far.
      Let us know if you have any other suggestions for this Tavern Brawl!
    • By Zadina

      After Overwatch, Hearthstone is the next Blizzard game to get its animated short series.
      A series of Hearthstone animated shorts has premiered today with "Hearth and Home". The protagonist is Ava, a young girl who is lost in the cold woods, until she discovers the warm Hearthstone tavern. We also finally get to know the name of the Innkeeper, which is Harth Stonebrew.
      Other notable characters are Malto, the wise old Mage; Sarge, an adorable mouse; Fewz and Wick, the Goblin brothers; Lou, the most fabulous Paladin ever; Bertie, a female Gnome; Urk, a tough-looking Orc; and Velaris, an arrogant Blood Elf.
      The short features some top quality animation and is quite reminiscent of Pixar Studios works. Enjoy!
    • By Zadina

      The Supreme Lich King was defeated earlier today at Gamescom. He was the final boss of Hearthstone's very first Raid!
      After the new Fireside Gathering features were announced, it was time to see them in action! You all know that Gamescom is taking place this week and Blizzard has prepared many reveals and surprises. As far as Hearthstone is concerned, we got to see the new Fireside Brawl, a special Tavern Brawl that is available only during Fireside Gatherings.
      Everyone present in Gamescom had the chance to battle against the 1 million health Supreme Lich King! During this Brawl, you choose a hero and you are given a deck. Your hero starts at 9 mana and 20 health. When your hero dies, you discover a second hero and you are given a new deck and so on. Your total damage to the Lich King is shown at a scoreboard, after you defeat him. Obviously, the goal is for everyone participating in the gathering to work together to defeat him.
      The Brawl seems to scale depending on how many people are present. It also features several Brawl-specific cards and hero powers. You can get a better feel of it by watching this detailed video by Thijs:
      Apparently, the Lich King cannot be destroyed by summoning the 4 Horsemen from Uther of the Ebon Blade's hero power, as Amnesiac and Trump discovered.
      The Supreme Lich King was defeated today, Wednesday the 23rd of August. The participants in this Brawl actually got physical rewards, too, as you can see in this clip with Hafu and Dog (language warning).
      What do you think about this new Fireside Gathering feature?
    • By Vlad
      This thread is for comments about our Greater Invasion Points guide.
    • By Vlad
      This thread is for comments about our Maw of Souls Mythic+ dungeon guide.