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Why Diablo 4 Could Feature a Sixth Class Between Crusader, Amazon, and Monk

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One of the most likely candidates to become Diablo 4's new class post-launch is the Paladin or Crusader, an archetype that was first introduced with Diablo 2 and then found a lot of success with Diablo 3. Since the series is all about defeating demons and protecting the land from evil, this is not only a fantastic choice in terms of different playstyle compared to the existing Diablo 4 classes, but it also makes a lot of sense from a lore standpoint and could even be used to expand on seasonal storylines. With Diablo 4 putting a lot of emphasis on the live-service model Blizzard has been working on, it seems reasonable to expect a new class to come alongside major story beats.

For these reasons, considering that none of the existing classes comes close to the playstyle of the Paladin and the Crusader, this is the most likely option for a sixth Diablo 4 class - but not the only one. Another archetype that could find itself at home in the lands of Sanctuary is the Amazon. A fierce warrior introduced in Diablo 2 and recently rediscovered in Diablo 2: Resurrected, the Amazon does share similarities with Diablo 4's Rogue, but it brings something unique to the table via the javelin.

Not only that, though, as the Amazon is mainly focused on ranged play, and that would be an incredible addition to Diablo 4 given how melee-focused most of the game can feel like. Even in the face of some tie-ins with the way some of the Rogue's current abilities can achieve, Diablo 2: Resurrected's Amazon would be a fantastic class to bring to Diablo 4 - especially since it skipped a generation and never made it into Diablo 3. Lastly, a fan-favorite class from Diablo 3 was the Monk, and that was the only game in the series that featured this archetype.

With a similar background as that of the Paladin and Crusader, the Monk would most likely be a great fit in Diablo 4's Sanctuary and iteration of the war between angels and demons. It would be another melee-centered class in the game, much like Diablo 4's Barbarian and Druid, but it would bring interesting options to the title when it comes to gear and abilities. Given that some classes don't have high mobility, the Monk could easily add more value to that department while still retaining its identity from Diablo 3.

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