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Guest Brightbrown

Got a kill (but no lewtz!). Not so sure I can solo down a fixated bird (they seem to go faster than the ones in the 5 man, and have a lot more HP), I WAS able to drop aggro going Invisible though. It LOOKED like that did not cause anyone any additional angst... and I HAD kited it reasoably far away from anyone else.


Fly to the Apexis FP, run towards the bridge up in the sky, there is a step climb to the left as you are approaching it, then you're at the Summoning Stone. We dropped down the other side to engage him on the ground.

I had gone there first to scope things out... saw a large collection of Horde there, but did the GF, got invited then they all seemed to disappear... no idea why.


As with world bosses in general, if you have a raid aware group, it can go pretty smoothly. I dare say, groups this weekend may spend a ton of time corpse running...

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