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Hearthstone Miracle Rogue Arcane Golem Naxx Deck

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I see that this particular deck haven't been updated in a while. I'm fairly new to Hearthstone and only just learning the meta. I have enjoyed the oil rogue deck, which i believe you too have created. In the oil deck guide it deems miracle rogue unviable due to some nerfs to Gadgetzan and Leeroy Jenkins.


Is this particular deck included? I really like the idea of miracle rogue, and would love to try out some alternatives to Oil, but have been unable to find any that doesn't include Malygos. In your opinion, is miracle just plain unviable? Or can it be done with some smaller tweaks? Personally i played a rogue with a deck similar to this, including a faceless manipulator, dealing 24 damage in one turn, which just seems quite powerful. I have also seen some deck include mana addict instead of Charge minions to conceal with your Gadgetzan. Overall, is miracle rogue at all viable, and if not, are there any good alternatives to Oil rogue that doesn't include Malygos?




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