[Archived] S11 Hearthstone Legendary Miracle Druid Deck

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This thread is for comments about our Legendary Miracle Druid Deck.

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As a player who hasn't played since the days of 2 mana unleash the hounds, I don't have much dust to craft with. However, I have made three card swaps, one that makes the deck much cheaper, but a little less effective;

Bloodmage Thalnos ---------> Loot Hoarder

This swap makes for losing that spell damage, which makes me sad, but the card draw is still there, and for newer players who would rather spend 1600 dust on on one of the bigger, flashier legendaries like Rag or Ysera, it's much more cost-effective. On another note, Its extra attack allows it to make a trade up every now and again.

The other two swaps are as follows;

2 x Moonfire ---------> 2 x Naturalize

This seemed obvious to me. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but taking Moonfire for 1 puny damage point seems pretty wasteful to me. While Naturalize does give them two cards to have, if you are playing this deck correctly, you will usually get a card for this, and since you have SO many spells at your disposal, this is used for taking out a big threat to your minions that can't be removed from pure damage easily, such as a Kel'Thuzad behind taunts or a buffed Druid of the Claw. And every now and again, you can piss your opponent off by making them burn cards!

Please give me some feedback on what you all think, I get about two thirds win rate, I'm currently rank 11.

P.S. Sorry I didn't link the actual cards, I'm not to familiar with how to do it :(

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I don't like Naturalise in this deck, or most decks to be fair. Part of the advantage of a Gadgetzan deck is to be able to cycle through your own deck quicker than your opponent, if you hand that advantage back to your opponent with Naturalize, then you're taking away some of the strength of the deck. 


There's also the 0 Mana vs 1 Mana consideration, With a 0 Mana card, you have access to stupid stuff like Turn 4 Teacher, Moonfire, Innervate, Power of the Wild. If you cut the card for a 1 Mana cost, then you're slowing everything down for a turn. The effect of the card isn't really the important thing, it's the fact that it costs 0.


Loot Hoarder for Thalnos is totally sensible though, and not having Thalnos does weaken Moonfire a little.

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