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i saw this mentioned in another post but it didn't go over much detail in the steps on how to do this. how do i adjust the stat weights in ask mr robot using the stat weights from simcraft when i simulate my character?

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In Ask Mr. Robot's gear optimizer, select "Edit Weights" on the right hand side, near the top. And input your stat weights from simulationcraft.

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so on simcraft these were the results

Posted Image

initially amr looked like this

Posted Image

and i plugged the simcaft stat weights into amr so now it looks like this

Posted Image

when i was plugging in the numbers, everything looked ok and all were close to the preset amr stat weights except MH speed. initially in amr it had 0 for MH speed, but as u can see simcraft simmed my MH speed at 279.45. is that right? or should i set amr back to 0? it just threw me off when i saw that 0 to 279 difference when all of the other stat weights were only a few digits off.

the weapon i have is Gravetouch Greatsword

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I'm assuming the Weapon categories are just for suggesting upgrades, etc. I wouldn't think they'd have much, if any, effect on your stat weighting. Obviously crucial to your DPS, but not important for optimal reforging.

Your simulationcraft results look pretty unreliable. How many iterations are you running? I wouldn't trust anything under 10k.

Get more accurate results and just ignore the wpn dps/speed imo. You only care about hit/exp cap and your haste/crit/mastery for reforging.

I should add a disclaimer that I don't play a DK. So I don't know how accurate Simulationcraft is for you guys.

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i had left simcraft at default settings so the iterations were at 1k. i changed it to 10k and redid the sim and plugged the new numbers into amr.

simcraft results

Posted Image

i left the weapon stats alone and updated everything else in amr

Posted Image

does this look more reliable?

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You are doing it right, yes.

But keep in mind that Mr. Robot already sims your character (in Simulationcraft) before it gives you the stat weights, so they are tailored to your character specifically. If you are seeing different weights between your own simulations and the stuff that Mr Robot gives you, that's probably because you are using different settings for those simulations. Mr. Robot is probably going to give you the most reliable results, in all honesty.

Note that it's not just based on Simulationcraft, it does a lot of its own stuff in addition to that before it gives you what it does.

Of course, you can just use the Simcraft values and import them the way you have, if you prefer.

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