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Really confused from holy

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So we were doing Kargath HC with my guild as 10man and I healed it with rDruid.

The exact moment I was left alone to ground/sent up to heal people just literally started melting and wiping. My hps was like under a DK tank, I don't have any logs from it sadly.


I was keeping renew up on every 5 target and used CoH on cooldown(using aoe chakra) and even when I was spamming flash heal it wasn't enough. I changed to disc and same happened also (647 equipped disc gear, new to holy spec), eventually we got that down and progressed to tectus but it was still bothering me like ALOT. Soo what should I do different and how I should prioritize my healing spells, should I be 24/7 using 2stack serentipied heal, or what? Is holy's hps all from multistrike and is it all of my lowish multisrtikes fault to not being able to keep ppl alive?


Here is link for my armory, all the gear having crit sockets or crit enchants were socketed and with lower quality multistrike gems and enchanted with cheaper multistrike enchants.



And also how much multistrike & haste are valued compared for int for example? I have few higher itemlevel gear for disc spec and they are like giving crit mastery or crit and X and in every time also more int, so should I stick with these that I have or should I go for the more int and more not so highly prioritized stats for holy. ( yeah had not readed that new stat prio for disc is mastery but i've gotten through with some kind of succession (:   )


Thanks in advance

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Honestly, it sounds like people are taking way too much unnecessary damage if people are melting on Kargath. People should only die in that fight if they are too slow at moving with the Berserker Rush or they move too slowly out of the Fire Pillar. And then its not your fault. I myself am 7/7 Normal and 6/7 HC as Holy, and Kargath is one of the fights where I have the least to do.


Seeing as you only are two healers, and one guy is going up to the stands, your job at the point is to keep the tank up and throw out renews to DPS taking damage and CoH if multiple people are taking damage. Using PoH will be pretty useless since people tend to spread out on that fight, so i'd disregard that. PoH requires the groups are setup properly and that you are stacked. Remember to use PWS even as Holy if you are the only Priest there. It is very good for it's cost. I dont use PoM all that much, but it is still a good tool, so keep that up aswell.


Lets say shit hits the fan, you have some options. Lets say the entire raid is taking damage including the tank and you know Renew+CoH wont cut it. Then you should use your Power Infusion, HW:S the tank use 2 flash heals and 1 Heal to quickly heal him up. After that if the raid still are very low you should Hymn. You can also Guardian Spirit the tank and flash heal him up and then proceed to top off the raid. Just remember everytime you have to resort to topping people up with Flash Heal especially multiple people you will suffer hard in the mana department.


Knowing the encounter and when heavy damage is incoming will also help you in regards to throwing out renews before damage instances occur or when they are just about to occur. But you having done Kargath on Normal you probably already know it.


Anyways, my advice to you, seeing as you are two man healing it, that you should go disc. It is in my opinion the strongest spec, only rivaled by Holy when heavy damage are inc and people need to be topped off. But you already have a resto druid, who should take care of the raid and also Tranq if such occurs.


In regards to stats i'll leave it to the other guys. But Multistrike+Haste is your priorities. At your gear level I would not neglect ilvl upgrades to keep those stats though.

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Thanks from your input. Me and our resto druid reasoned, that I should be holy because we are 2-man healingg because as disc it's very hard to top off people atleast what I've experienced. But I will concider going back to disc.

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Ask your RL to organize the groups so that you can use PoH effectively as well. I allways put the "hurl"-group with 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 dps. Then I try to get a melee group (with that second tank) and a ranged group (we usually raid with 12-15 ppl).


Using 2 healers when 12-13, otherwise we have used 3 healers... but thats more for safety, should not be a problem to have 2 healers even with 15 players imo. But if your team is taking alot of extra damage then having that 3rd healer is the only thing saving you :)


Havent done it as holy yet, only disc. But having groups organized is high prio when content is new and an easy way to get more HPS out to raid.

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As Bobby said, if people are melting they're either standing in fire, standing in poison, or standing in Kargath's punches. Any of those three actions isn't your fault. I go up as holy and if your group stands in the bombs or runs opposite of the tank, it gets hairy. I have the tank and an ele shaman go one way, and two hunters go the other way on Chain Hurl, and I run back and forth keeping them up. Shaman can help heal a bit, and the hunters can disengage, feign death, deterence and what not to stay alive until I'm there, but then I need to get back to the tanks. It was hard starting out, but now I'm used to it and know when damage will be taken.


Another thing I use is the Glyph of Binding Heal, allowing me to heal 2 people, then I use a 2x serenity heal on someone lower. I only ever use PoH with 2x serenity, and Power Infusion active. Otherwise it's just so much mana and it's so slow.


I'm a big believer in always having a disc priest as bubbles are amazing, and the golden bubble is equally amazing. And AA proccing to give PoH/FH a guaranteed crit = guarentted DA is once again superb. Though, they aren't too hot with healing more than 1 person at a time.


And, as HummingBird said, it is very important for the groups to be organised, had a RL once have magic ranged in 1 group, hunters in another, melee dps in one, tanks in another, and healers in another. I didn't stay too long as he refused to move people as "his priest never cared"

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