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Askmrrobot vs Icy Veins Reforging

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Hello all. I'm inquiring why is askmrrobot telling us to reforge spi haste crit mastey and icy veins saying haste to 1350 with 5%haste buff?

I thought these two sites were supposed to be working together for reforging.

If I go with askmrrobot with reforging then I will have 4000 haste +5% h buff.

Vashlia Deathwing us

Also can anyone show what the second and third haste break points would be? And what you'd gain at each.

I heal 10mans. I went with crit over mastery for a bit and then switched mastery over crit and really didnt see a differance. Now when doing lfr mastery really shines.

Atm I'm frustrated with monk because I really don't seem to be able to find a stat balance I like.

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I have stopped using askmrrobot too. It kept offering advice which goes against common sense and the guides on this site. The final straw was when it suggested I change my Afflication Warlock's stats to Crit as opposed to Mastery / Haste.

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The whole issue of stats is actually a whole lot more complicated than the community gives it credit for.

In any case, as Damien posted not too long ago, (a week or 10 days maybe), we have gone through all of the DPS specs and harmonized them with Ask Mr Robot's, ending up with what the best options we could (and hopefully the same between the two websites, as well, in every case).

Due to various real life interferences on both sides, we haven't been able to do the same for the tanking and healing specs (save for Discipline Priests, which received a stats update a few days ago). Hopefully, we can finish harmonizing the tank and healer stats over the next few days.

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My apologies, I missed Damien's post about this topic. I haven' t done any reading up on other classes except monks. I just thought that because monks were new that they would have the most difficultly with stat wieghts.

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