Yoimiya Guide and Best Builds

Yoimiya Guide and Best Builds for Genshin Impact

Yoimiya is a 5-star Pyro Bow Character DPS in Genshin Impact who mainly deals damage through her Normal attacks while her skill is up. This guide will focus on Yoimiya's best weapons, builds, artifacts, teambuilding and more!

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B Rating
Pyro Element
Bow Weapon
Jenny Yokobori EN Voice Actor
Ueda Kana JP Voice Actor

Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Strong single-target damage.
  • +Simple and easy playstyle.
  • +No required Constellations.
  • +Easy weapon choices for F2P.
X Weaknesses
  • -Damage being reliant on her Elemental Skill.
  • -High competition among Pyro carries.
  • -Very little AoE damage on her own.
  • -Cannot hit targets close to the ground at close range.

Yoimiya Pyro DPS Build

Yoimiya's primary method to deal damage is through Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up during her Elemental Skill Niwabi Fire-Dance. This infuses her attacks with Pyro while applying a damage multiplier on top. Next to that, we utilize her together with a lot of off-field DPS to apply Hydro or Electro.

BiS Weapon Thundering Pulse
Alternative Weapons
  1. Rust R5
  2. Slingshot R5
  3. Aqua Simulacra
Best Artifacts
  1. Shimenawa's Reminiscence
  2. Crimson Witch of Flames
Main Stats
  • Sand Stats: ATK % or Elemental Mastery
  • Goblet Stats: Pyro DMG
  • Circlet Stats: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG
Substat Priority
  1. CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate
  2. ATK %
  3. Elemental Mastery
  4. Energy Recharge
Talent Priority
  1. Normal Attack
  2. Elemental Skill
  3. Elemental Burst

Thundering Pulse is the weapon that released with Yoimiya and is her best weapon as she is able to utilize the entire passive effect. Its effects are very easy to maintain on Yoimiya, which buffs her Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up.

Out of the rest of the weapons that Yoimiya can utilize, it depends on the refinement.

  • Slingshot at R5 is not only very easy to get as it is a 3-star weapon, but its effect is easy to trigger as long as you do not stand too far away. The range is pretty lenient so do not worry too much about it.
  • Aqua Simulacra is generally slightly better than Slingshot R5 depending on your team, but is outperformed by Rust R5.
  • Rust is a 4-star weapon, so might take some luck to get to R5. Team comps that buffs Yoimiya's ATK can make Slingshot R5 outperform Rust as well. This is due to the way Flat damage bonuses work in tangent with ATK % stats, as flat bonuses are added in after ATK %. This means that with high enough increases, the CRIT Rate substat on Slingshot overtakes the ATK % substat on Rust.

The Artifact choices depends on your team composition.

  • Shimenawa's Reminiscence is very good on Yoimiya and in most cases, this will be the set you are using. The reason for this is that the vast majority of Yoimiya's damage comes from her Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up during Niwabi Fire-Dance. She also does not really focus on using her burst, so the energy used to trigger the 4-piece effect does not matter.
  • On the other hand, if your team composition is built around triggering a lot of reactions (like Vaporize and Overload), Crimson Witch of Flames can be better. This works in conjunction with her burst as well, as you would want to snapshot the ATK % buff from her 4th Ascension Passive Summer Night's Dawn. In these teams, Yoimiya's personal damage takes a smaller role over the reactions, making the ATK % matter more, while Shimenawa's Reminiscence will hurt your overall uptime of your burst.

Combos and How to Play Yoimiya

Her playstyle is very simple. Generally, her damage comes from Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up while Niwabi Fire-Dance is up. In the mean time you swap to your off-field characters to recharge their bursts and get ready for another rotation.

Yoimiya uses the standard ICD for Elemental Application, meaning that her attacks can only apply Pyro once every 2.5s or every 3rd hit (whichever happens first). Her Normal Attack consists of 7 hits over 5 attacks, where the first and 4th attack has 2 hits. This means that you will apply Pyro on the first hit with the first Normal Attack (N1-1), the third Normal Attack (N3) and on the fifth Normal Attack (N5) as long as you do not move or get interrupted. This is important to play around, since N3 and N5 are your hardest hitting Normal Attacks! Furthermore, if you run with a Vaporize comp, you want Vaporize to happen on the hardest hitting attacks since Vaporize is a straight DMG modifier to the attack.

This is why you often want to have a character in your party who can shield you. This provides you with interruption RES, while also allowing you to take the occasional hit.


Yoimiya Best Team Comps

Yoimiya's best teams usually revolve around triggering Vaporize and/or Overload. Vaporize works really well, since she converts her Normal Attack damage into Pyro on her own and one of Overloads main issues is solved since Yoimiya is ranged. Outside of that, shield characters are more or less a requirement to have, if you want to play Yoimiya optimally. Below are some examples on the teams you would see her in.


Yoimiya Vaporize Comp

Main DPS Sub DPS Off Field Support Shield Support

These Vaporize teams utilizes Xingqiu's or Yelan's Burst to trigger Hydro in-between Yoimiya's Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up to in turn trigger Vaporize. It is very important to not interrupt your attack rotation, as it will misalign your Pyro application. This means that either your Hydro Application triggers Vaporize or one of your weaker Normal Attacks triggering it, leading to a significant loss in damage. This is why we bring along Zhongli or Thoma. Their shield will help you avoid being interrupted during your Normal Attacks if you get hit by something.


Yoimiya OverVape Comp

Main DPS Hydro Flex Electro Flex Support Flex

This team is very flexible. The idea behind this team is to have at least 1 Hydro and 1 Electro character. The last character in the team is a flex slot, and can be filled in by any of the characters listed. The reason why most Overload have issues is due to it knocking back enemies, however that is not an issue for Yoimiya as she has quite a lot of range to counteract the knockback. You can combine the teams to have both Hydro and Electro in the team. The potential list of characters you can flex in is a lot longer than what is shown above, however those 3 are the most common. You do not need to use a flex, and can instead slot in another Hydro or Electro if you feel like it. This team will benefit from having more Elemental Mastery, however you do not need to beeline for it. This team would want to use Crimson Witch of Flames.


Yoimiya Double Pyro Team Variations

Main DPS Hydro DPS Pyro Support Anemo/Geo Support

This setup runs with Bennett for the ATK increase from his Fantastic Voyage. From there, you can add in Yun Jin or Albedo for more damage support (or both). There are more examples of who you can slot in as your 4th, however it is preferred to slot in someone who can shield. An example team would be Yoimiya, Bennett, Yun Jin, and Zhongli.

This can also be a variation on the Vaporize team comp further up, where you add in an Anemo character, with the Viridescent Venerer set, to shred Pyro RES before swapping back to Yoimiya. You can flex out Bennett for Thoma with this setup, to provide shields and the 4th character slot can be filled by a Hydro character.


Yoimiya Overload Comp

Main DPS Off Field DPS Off Field DPS/Support Support
Yoimiya Fischl Chevreuse

With this team, we are sorely focusing on Yoimiya's Normal Attack DMG and Overload DMG. Chevreuse is a hard requirement, while Fischl is one of the best characters for Off-field Electro application. Whether you use Bennett or Beidou depends on what you like the most. Bennett provides more damage to Yoimiya's attacks and pairs well with Chevreuse in terms of healing, while Beidou will provide Yoimiya with Interrupt RES and reduces the damage you take through Beidou's Burst. Beidou's constellations can also provide a decent shield on top. Yoimiya furthermore compliments Beidou through her Ascension passives, as Stormbreaker snapshots at when cast.


Yoimiya's Ascensions, Talents, and Constellations

Yoimiya's Ascensions Yoimiya's Talents Yoimiya's Constellations

Yoimiya's Ascension Passives and Materials

Unlock Ascension Passive Explanation
With Character Blazing Match When Yoimiya crafts Decorations, Ornaments and Landscape-type Furnishings, she has a 100% chance to refund a portion of the materials used.
1st Ascension Tricks of the Trouble-Maker During Niwabi Fire-Dance, shots from Yoimiya's Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up will increase her Pyro DMG Bonus by 2% on hit. This effect lasts for 3s and can have a maximum of 10 stacks.
4th Ascension Summer Night's Dawn Using Ryuukin Saxifrage causes nearby party members (Not including Yoimiya), to gain a 10% ATK increase for 15s. Additionally a further ATK Bonus will be added based on the number of Tricks of the Trouble-Maker stacks Yoimiya possesses when using Ryuukin Saxifrage. Each stack increases this ATK Bonus by 1%.

Yoimiya requires a range of materials to ascend to the 6th ascension. Starting from the second ascension she gains additional CRIT Rate as her bonus stat giving a total of 19.2% increased CRIT Rate at the final ascension. The total cost to upgrade all ascensions is:

Source Quantity
Mora 420,000 Mora
Boss Material 46x Smoldering Pearl
Ascension Material
Local Specialty 168x Naku Weed
Enhancement Material
  • 18x Divining Scroll
  • 30x Sealed Scroll
  • 36x Forbidden Curse Scroll

Yoimiya's Talents

Listed below is each talent and a brief explanation of how they work.

Type Talent Name Brief Explanation
Normal Normal Attack: Firework Flare-Up Standard normal attack doing 5 attacks with 7 hits total. Charged Attack has 2 stages, converting full damage into Pyro with the 2nd stage adding up to 3 smaller homing arrows to the attack.
Elemental Skill Niwabi Fire-Dance Grants Niwabi Enshou for 10s, which converts all your Normal Damage to Pyro while adding an increased damage modifier. While this effect is up, Yoimiya's Charged Attack does not generate any extra arrows. The effect wears off if she leaves the field
Elemental Burst Ryuukin Saxifrage Yoimiya leaps into the air, firing Ryuukin Saxifrage at the ground, dealing AoE Pyro DMG and marks a single opponent with Aurous Blaze for 10s. Aurous Blaze explodes when hit by any attack, skill and burst by a party member other than Yoimiya, causing it to trigger an explosion. One explosion can be triggered every 2 seconds. If the opponent is defeated before the duration is over, Aurous Blaze transfers to another nearby opponent inheriting the remaining duration.

To upgrade a single talent to level 10, it costs:

Source Quantity
Mora 1,625,500 Mora
Special Material 1x Crown of Insight
Boss Material 6x Dragon Lord's Crown
Domain Material
  • 3x Teachings of Transience
  • 21x Guide to Transience
  • 38x Philosophies of Transience
Enhancement Material
  • 6x Divining Scroll
  • 22x Sealed Scroll
  • 31x Forbidden Curse Scroll

Yoimiya's Constellations

Yoimiya has no required constellations and none of her constellations changes her playstyle. If you really want to, you can roll for A Procession of Bonfires (C2) as it increases your Pyro DMG by 25%. Pyrotechnic Professional (C4) looks good on paper, as it reduces the Cooldown of Niwabi Fire-Dance whenever you trigger an explosion through Aurous Blaze. However you only have 8s downtime on the Elemental Skill, of which you spend time on setting up your other characters.

# Name Explanation
C1 Agate Ryuukin The Aurous Blaze created by Ryuukin Saxifrage lasts for an extra 4s. Additionally, when an opponent affected by Aurous Blaze is defeated within its duration, Yoimiya's ATK is increased by 20% for 20s.
C2 A Procession of Bonfires When Yoimiya's Pyro DMG scores a CRIT Hit, Yoimiya will gain a 25% Pyro DMG Bonus for 6s This effect can be triggered even when Yoimiya is not the active character.
C3 Trickster's Flare
  • Increases the Level of Niwabi Fire-Dance by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4 Pyrotechnic Professional When Yoimiya's own Aurous Blaze triggers an explosion, Niwabi Fire-Dance's CD is decreased by 1.2s.
C5 A Summer Festival's Eve
  • Increases the Level of Ryuukin Saxifrage by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6 Naganohara Meteor Swarm During Niwabi Fire-Dance, Yoimiya's Normal Attacks have a 50% chance of firing an extra Blazing Arrow that deals 60% of its original DMG. This DMG is considered Normal Attack DMG.


  • 01 Feb. 2024: Updated to add Chevreuse team.
  • 01 Dec. 2023: Guide added.
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