Physical Elemental Reactions

Physical Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact

This page contains information about Physical Damage in Genshin Impact. Here, players will find out about Physical's Elemental Reactions, Blunt Damage and which characters can be considered part of the Physical group.

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Physical Damage in Genshin Impact

Physical Damage is the eighth damage type in Genshin Impact and represents non-elemental damage. While not primarily focused on Elemental Reactions, Physical damage can create the Shatter reaction as well as benefit from the Superconduct reaction.

There are no characters in the game who exclusively belong to the Physical damage type.


Which Weapons can Deal Physical Damage?

While Claymore, Sword and Polearm weapons are the primary ways to deal Physical DMG, both Bows and Catalysts are also capable.

Any Charged Attack from a Bow character will deal Physical DMG while Catalyst characters need very specific setups such as using Eye of Perception, Frostbearer or even the damage from Ocean-Hued Clam.

Physical DMG is also different from Blunt damage which is required for the Shatter reaction.


Physical Elemental Reactions

Physical has the following reaction when combined with other elements:

Reactions Elements Used Effects
Shatter (Dendro x Electro) → Frozen x (Physical / Geo) Hitting a Frozen Enemy with either Geo or Blunt attacks will deal Physical DMG while also removing Freeze from the enemy.

What is Blunt Damage?

Blunt DMG and attacks come from damage which can more easily break shields, create the Shatter reaction and mine ore in the open world. These include:

  • Attacks from Claymores.
  • Plunging Attacks from Spears and Swords.
  • Many types of Geo DMG.
  • Explosions, such as those from the Overload reaction.

Playable Physical Characters

There are no characters which exclusively play into the Physical Element. Many characters in the game can have physical builds when using a combination of Bloodstained Chivalry and Pale Flame. But there are also a few characters who more heavily lean into a Physical playstyle, these are:

Character Explanation
Razor Razor's Ascension Stat is Physical DMG Bonus allowing them to deal increased damage. Additionally, due to being an Electro character they can easily trigger Superconduct.
Xinyan Xinyan's Elemental Burst Riff Revolution deals powerful Physical damage and can be built around that.
Mika Mika's Suppressive Barrage Ascension Passive and Companion's Counsel (C6) both help to increase Physical DMG for your on-field Character.
Freminet Freminet's Elemental Skill Pressurized Floe can deal both Cryo and Physical DMG while also benefitting from the Shatter reaction.
Eula While being a Cryo character, Eula is primarily a Physical DPS. Eula's Elemental Burst Glacial Illumination as well as Roiling Rime (A1) both help towards her Physical playstyle.


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