Endgame Activities in Last Epoch

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On this page you will find everything you need to know about Last Epoch's endgame systems. You can explore different timelines through the Monolith of Fate, adventure through Dungeons, or fight in the Arena. The game offers various different modes that you can use to optimize your skills, gear, and build.



Last Epoch offers many exciting features and challenges for players who love complex yet interesting systems and endgame content. You can customize your character with class mastery and crafting, and explore different modes of gameplay that test your skills and reward you with various loot. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the endgame of Last Epoch, from basics to advanced tips.


How to Access Endgame Modes

Endgame in Last Epoch becomes available once you reach the End of Time Hub, but it is advised to wait until you are at least around Level 45/50 before you attack the first endgame modes, as they have increased difficulty.

Once you complete the campaign or feel like tackling endgame early on, head to the End of Time: a hub area that connects you to the different endgame systems. From there, you can choose which endgame activity you want to pursue.

Here are some tips regarding endgame:

  • Make sure you are ready for the big challenge. Level up to 45/50, optimize your gear and passive points, and unlock Idol slots, because the difficulty will ramp up quite fast.
  • The Monolith of Fate will be your main activity in endgame.
  • Farm the Soulfire Bastion Dungeon to access the Soul Gambler. Gamble for powerful gear and Tier V affixes that can only be obtained this way.
  • It is recommended to do the campaign even on alts, to get the passive points and Idol slots from it.
  • Take all the Damage Reduction available!
  • Boost your Health, Leech, or Regeneration.
  • Level your Resistances to 75% max. If you possess a source of Ailment Cleansing, you can keep your resistances lower, but otherwise, it is advised to cap them to 75%. Anything higher than that isn’t really useful, unless your specific build can utilize it.
  • Boost your Armor between 30-70%.
  • If you are looking for another layer of defense, Block and Ward can be extremely powerful!

Endgame Activities

Last Epoch offers you several options to continue your adventure and improve your character. You can choose to participate in one or more of the following endgame systems:


Monolith of Fate

Last Epoch Monolith of Fate

This is the main endgame system of Last Epoch. The Monolith of Fate allows you to travel to alternate timelines and explore the echoes of events that may have been.

  • You can enter the Monolith of Fate at the End of Time.
  • The first Monolith zone is Level 58. If you are not strong enough, you can go back to get better gear and optimize your character before tackling the Monolith.
  • The endgame of Last Epoch consists of exploring different timelines that have been altered by the Void.
  • Each timeline has its own quest, echoes, and boss that you need to complete.
  • When you start endgame, you will only have access to one timeline. After you finish it, you will unlock more timelines to choose from.
  • Always go right inside the Monolith of Faith, towards the higher level zone.
  • Completing timelines will reward you with permanent Blessings for your character that will either increase your power or improve the loot you receive.
  • Each boss has a unique item that only they can drop, so if you want a specific one, you need to farm the right boss.

Empowered Monolith

The Monolith of Fate consists of three Level 90 timelines that you need to complete in order to activate the empowered monolith. The empowered monolith is Level 100 and offers you the opportunity to farm empowered blessings. Empowered blessings are very important for your build, as they give you permanent bonuses that are stronger than the regular blessings. You can choose one empowered blessing per timeline, and they will stack with each other.

The following Monolith Islands are the ones you should focus on to get the best blessings for your survivability:

  • Reign of Dragons: In this timeline, you can get a blessing that increases your Critical Strike Avoidance by up to 70%.
  • Spirits of Fire: Chance to get a blessing that can boost your Endurance %, which is also a very powerful stat for survivability.

Once you have obtained a proper blessing with good percentage from those two Islands, you can start farming the following Islands for additional survivability if you need to be a bit more tanky:

  • The Black Sun: Can give you Void Resistance %.
  • Ending the Storm: Can give you Lightning Resistance %.
  • The Age of Winter: Can give you Physical Resistance %.

Besides the timelines we have mentioned, there are many other Monolith Islands that offer different blessings and rewards. Depending on your class, mastery, and build, you may want to check out the other timelines and farm the ones that are appropriate for your build.



Last Epoch Dungeon Entrance

Dungeons are another fun endgame activity. There are three different dungeons that you can farm, each with its own gameplay and rewards.

To enter the dungeons, you need to use a specific key for each one. You can obtain dungeon keys by completing echoes in the Monolith of Fate or by looting them from random enemies or the Arena. There are 4 Tiers of difficulty for each Dungeon. You get to choose the difficulty when you use the key. Tier 4 is one of the hardest difficulties in the game.

The three dungeons available are: Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion, and Temporal Sanctum. Each dungeon has its specific mechanics, bosses, and rewards.

  • Soulfire Bastion: Completing this dungeon will let you meet the Soul Gambler, which lets you gamble for rare and unique loot.
  • Temporal Sanctum: After completion, you will unlock the possibility to craft Legendary items from Uniques and Exalted items.
  • Lightless Arbor: Finishing the dungeon will give you access to the Vault, where you can use your gold to open chests and get amazing rewards.

A quick way to find the dungeon on the map is to right-click on the dungeon key in your inventory. This will open the map and show you the exact location of the dungeon entrance.



Last Epoch Arena

The Arena can be compared to a survival mode where you can test your skills and endurance against endless waves of enemies. You need an Arena key to enter it, which you can get from the Monolith of Fate.

There are two Arena modes:

  • Arena of Champions: Fight through 40 waves of enemies and a powerful Arena Champion boss.
  • Endless Arena: Push your limits and face endless hordes of enemies until you are unable to continue the fight.

The Endless Arena is the ultimate challenge and will push you to your limits as you will face endless waves of enemies that will test your skill, build, and gear. Enemies will get stronger and more diverse as you go on, and you can only end the run by retreating or dying.

You can track your progress on the leaderboard, where you can see how you rank against other players. The Arena is a great way to push your limits and compete with others. For more details and tips about the Arena, check out this guide: [link to arena guide]

There is one special key that you should know about if you are entering the Endless Arena:

  • Arena Key of Memory: This key lets you resume your Endless run from a checkpoint if you die. For example, if you reached wave 1000 and used this key, you can restart from wave 500 instead of wave 0. If you have never reached wave 100, this key will start you from wave 100.

Further Learning

If you like to learn from a video rather than a text guide: the video below covers the same topics as this guide, but in a more visual and interactive way.



Last Epoch's endgame is full of options and challenges. When you reach the End of Time Hub, you can choose from different activities, like the Monolith of Fate's alternate timelines or dungeons such as Soulfire Bastion and Temporal Sanctum. To succeed in endgame, however, you need to level up smartly, gear up well, and get blessings. The Empowered Monolith, which is for Level 100 players, gives you stronger bonuses. Or, you can choose to fight in the Arena, depending on what you like. Last Epoch has a rich and diverse endgame system that offers you a lot of options and rewards to keep you engaged and entertained.



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