Cooking Trade Skill Guide for New World

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On this page, you will find our in-depth guide for the Cooking Trade Skill in New World, where we cover everything including, best ways to level and how to get the most out of your crafts.


Overview of Cooking in New World

Cooking is one of the seven Crafting Trade Skills in New World. Cooking is primarily focused on creating food that can buff your attributes and even other trade skills. Cooking can also create Dye, that you can use to change the color of your gear, and Bait to assist in Fishing. Cooking is performed at a Kitchen in any settlement. Kitchens have a tier level that varies from town to town, and a higher tier level Kitchen will enable you to craft higher tier items such as Hearty Meal Hearty Meal, Spicy Cabbage Soup Spicy Cabbage Soup, and Salted Roasted Vegetables Salted Roasted Vegetables.


Leveling Cooking in New World

Cooking is a fairly fun and flexible crafting skill to level; there is a massive spread of different ingredients that can be utilized to craft a wide variety of foods. Looting provision crates or going to any farm and just gathering what is around is a great way to find ingredients for cooking.

Farming a wide variation of ingredients helps keep it feeling fresh and different without becoming too much of a grind. There are many ways to progress through Cooking with ease and maybe even make some gold in the process. The "best" choice of ingredients will differ from server to server and person to person. We provide you with a common method used to level your Cooking to max quickly and easily. For Cooking, crafting the highest level recovery food is almost always the best experience per ingredient price.

  1. 1-50: Energizing Light Ration Energizing Light Ration / Light Ration Light Ration / Energizing Travel Ration Energizing Travel Ration / Travel Ration Travel Ration
  2. 50-100: Light Meal Light Meal / Energizing Light Meal Energizing Light Meal
  3. 100-150: Satisfying Meal Satisfying Meal / Energizing Satisfying Meal Energizing Satisfying Meal
  4. 150-200: Hearty Meal Hearty Meal / Energizing Hearty Meal Energizing Hearty Meal

It should be noted, as there are so many cooking ingredients, to make sure to check the drop-down menu before crafting to select or search for the ingredients you desire to use. This can help save lots of time and gold.


Cooking Gear

Cooking has a unique set of gear that can be equipped to increase the chance to craft additional items by +4% per item, the Chef Gloves, Hat, Pants, Shirt, and Shoes. You can also acquire an earring with a crafting related perk that grants an additional +4%, which are not specific and can come on any earring. You can generally find these as drops or on the Trading Post, however some pieces can be much rarer than others and therefore more costly. As a note, you will also get bonus chance to craft as your Cooking skill increases.

Armor Drop Source
Chef Hat Chef Hat Package of Specialized Cooking Materials Package of Specialized Cooking Materials or Skysong Maiden Ping - Ebonscale Reach
Chef Shirt Chef Shirt Package of Specialized Cooking Materials Package of Specialized Cooking Materials or Viridulon the Rootbound - Reekwater
Chef Gloves Chef Gloves Package of Specialized Cooking Materials Package of Specialized Cooking Materials or Unhallowed Soul of Myrkgard - Great Cleave
Chef Pants Chef Pants Package of Specialized Cooking Materials Package of Specialized Cooking Materials or Fay the Last Protector - Shattered Mountain
Chef Shoes Chef Shoes Package of Specialized Cooking Materials Package of Specialized Cooking Materials or Pit Lord Daehi - Shattered Mountain

In order to craft any Basic or Major trophy it will require a special crafting ingredient for that can be obtained from Supply Stockpiles.


Trophies for Cooking

Trophies can be placed in each of your three houses that grant a +1/2/3% (Minor/Basic/Major) increased chance to create additional items while crafting.

Item Trophy
Chef's Secret Techniques Chef's Secret Techniques Basic
Chef's Secret Cookbook Chef's Secret Cookbook Major

Finding Seasonings for Cooking

Seasonings are found in Herbs in different zones throughout the world. Our Harvesting guide has a list of locations where you can find all the ingredients.


Town Project Bonuses

Each settlement will have different town projects working at any given time, and you can check what bonus perks are active by going to the to territory planning board in any settlement. As a note, you must own a house in the settlement to receive the town project bonus.



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