Trade Skill System in New World

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On this page, you will find a brief description on each of the Trade Skills, how they interact with each other and the roles they play towards mastering crafting in New World.


Overview of all Trade Skills in New World

New World Trade Skill Maxed Out

New World currently has 17 different Trade Skills falling under three categories, Gathering, Refining and Crafting. Most of these trade skills interact with each other in one way or another and overall are a really fun aspect of the game that many people enjoy working on, hopefully after reading this page you may have a better understanding of what role each skill plays and what you may want to focus your efforts on.


Gathering Trade Skills

Gathering is the most basic form of the trade skills, farming raw materials from the world before refining them and eventually crafting them into something greater. There are five Gathering skills and each gain perks from one of the primary attributes (Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity/Constituion/Focus).



Fishing scales with Focus and utilizes the Fishing Pole tool to catch fish from water around the world that can be used raw or scrapped to make into food with Cooking and scrapped into various other ingredients for Arcana. This can be quite a relaxing trade skill and great in combination with watching something entertaining.



Harvesting scales with Intelligence and utilizes the Sickle tool to harvest plants and herbs around the world for fibers, raw food, elemental motes, pigments and arcana reagents. The raw materials you farm from harvesting can be refined into cloth with Weaving to create gear, food and dye with Cooking and potions with Arcana to buff your character or sell for gold.



Logging scales with Constitution and utilizes the Axe tool to chop trees for wood. The raw materials you farm with logging can be refined into planks using Woodworking that can be used in most of the crafting trade skills.



Mining scales with Strength and utilizes the Pick-axe tool to mine ores, stones, motes and gems from mining nodes around the world. The raw materials you farm with mining can be refined using Smelting to turn ore into ingots that are used in almost every crafting trade skill and Stonecutting to cut those gems to put into gear/weapons. This can be an excellent source of gold income as it is easily farmable and in high demand.


Tracking and Skinning

Tracking and Skinning scales with Dexterity and utilizes the Skinning Knife tool to collect raw hide and meat from creatures around the world that can be crafted into leather with Leatherworking or food with Cooking. This can be an extremely profitable trade skill as legendary raw hide such as Scarhide Scarhide and Smolderhide Smolderhide can be quite easy to farm and sell for a lot without being too heavily contested in comparison to mining.


Refining Trade Skills

There are 5 Refining trade skills, one for each of the gathering trade skills. Refining involves taking those freshly gathered materials to one of the refining stations (Woodshop, Smelter, Loom, Stonecutting table or Tannery) to turn those raw materials into something greater to be used in crafting or sold for an increased profit.



The Leatherworking refining station is the Tannery, which starts by using Rawhide and then turning it into Coarse/Rugged/Layered/Infused/Runic Leather to be used in mostly Armoring and Engineering, and is a fantastic way to level both of those skills and create some of the best gear in the game.



The Smelting refining station is the Smelter, which starts by using raw iron and silver ore to craft into iron/silver/gold/platinum/steel/starmetal/orichalcum/asmodeum/voidbent ingots which can be used primarily to craft gear, weapons and jewellery. Smelting ore into ingots is also used in almost every other crafting trade skill as most things have some sort of metal requirements such as Engineering for arrows and cartridges or for weapons and Furnishing for most things such as chests for extra storage in your house.



The Stonecutting refining station is the Stonecutting table, which refines stone, elemental motes and raw gems into some very important items. Using stone and lodestone you can craft Stone Blocks/Stone Bricks/Lodestone Bricks/Obsidian Voidstones/Runestones that can be made into powerful honing stones for your weapon that increase their damage temporarily or Tuning Orbs that enable you and your group to enter dungeons which is a huge aspect of the game. This is rather important as most of the tuning orb items are currently Bind on Pickup, which means they are not tradable, so if your stonecutting level is too low you may not be able to craft your own Tuning orbs to enter dungeons. Using elemental motes and raw gems you are able to fuse common/uncommon/rare gems all the way up to epic and cut raw gems to make them usable in your gear/weapons/jewellery.



The Weaving refining station is the Loom, which starts by using Fibers gathered from Hemp to turn them into Linen/Sateen/Silk/Infused Silk which can be used at an Outfitting station to craft light and medium gear, this can be an excellent way to level your Armoring skill and craft yourself some of the best gear in the game. Weaving is also used in many other trade skills such as Furnishing and Engineering to craft any materials that require cloth like curtains and rugs for your house or cartridges for your musket.



The Woodworking refining station is the Woodshop, which starts by using Green wood and then turning it into Timber/Lumber/Wyrdwood Planks/Ironwood Planks/Glittering Ebony which have a multitude of uses over the other crafting trade skills, primarily Furnishing and Engineering but also plays a significant role in Weaponsmithing.


Crafting Trade Skills

There are currently seven Crafting Trade Skills and each of them provide an essential service for players in the game, whether it be crafting the best gear in the game, food buffs to get that extra edge or just making as much gold as possible out of your trade skills, crafting is the pinnacle and end-game of Trade Skills in New World. After gathering all those raw materials and refining them you are now ready to put them to use.



Arcana is performed at the Arcane Repository and uses water, oil, elemental motes and a great span of reagants found across the world to turn them into potions and coatings that greatly increase your character power and potential. You can also craft Magical weapons here, being the Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff, Life Staff and soon to be Void Gauntlet. You can find our in-depth Arcana guide linked below.



Armoring creates some of the best available gear in the game at the Forge for heavy armor and the Outfitting station for light and medium armor. Armoring can also create bags and repair kits which can sell for a lot of gold. Armoring utilizes all the cloth, leather and ore from Harvesting, Tracking and Skinning and Mining that you have gathered and refined up along the way. If you wish to learn more about Armoring, you can view our in-depth guide on it linked below.



Cooking is accomplished at the Kitchen and involves using many ingredients found in herbs and plants via Harvesting, meat gathered from Tracking and Skinning and Fishing and then cooking them into consumable food that can buff your stats, luck and trade skills for a short period of time. The Cooking skill can also make Dye which is used to change the color of your armor. If you are interested in learning more about Cooking you can read our guide linked below.



Engineering is done at the Workshop and is used to create tools for gathering trade skills, which can be sold for a lot of gold, ammunition for bow and musket user, proficiency boosters which increase the amount of resources gathered with a tool and a multitude of different dexterity scaling based weapons. Engineering uses cloth, leather, wood, ore and elemental motes in its crafting. If you wish to learn about the ins and outs of Engineering, feel free to check out our guide linked below.



Furnishing is done at the Workshop and is primarily focused on items that are placed in your house if you have one or more purchased. This is primarily a cosmetic feature however even if you arent particularly interested in decorating your house furnishing crafts two very important pieces, chests for increasing the storage for the town your house is located in and trophies. Trophies grant unique bonuses depending on what trophy you place in your house. If you would like to learn more about Furnishing you can visit our in-depth Furnishing guide linked below.



Jewelcrafting is done at the Outfitting station and is the process of turning ingots and cut gems into rings, amulets and earrings. These can be extremely powerful and fun to try and get the best combination of random perks crafted on them in addition to being extremely profitable. If you would like to learn more about Jewelcrafting you can visit our guide linked below.

New World Jewelcrafting Guide


Weaponsmithing is true to its name, it makes weapons at the Forge. Using all that ore farmed from Mining and turned into ingots with Smelting. Using all the wood farmed from Logging and turned into planks with Woodworking. Using all the rawhide farmed from Tracking and Skinning and turned into leather with Leatherworking. Weaponsmithing can create weapons up to the current maximum gearscore of 600 and to find out how you can check out our weaponsmithing guide linked below.



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