Harvesting Trade Skill Guide for New World

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On this page, you will find our in-depth guide for the Harvesting Trade Skill in New World where we cover everything from basics to advanced farming tips for rare materials.


Overview of Harvesting in New World

Harvesting utilizes the Harvesting Sickle tool to harvest fibers, herbs, and cooking materials from plants around the world, which can be used to level most other professions in the game and greatly increase the power of your character, or be turned into a huge Gold profit.

To begin your Harvesting adventures, simply craft a Harvesting Sickle at any campfire or sanctuary after the initial game introduction. It uses similar materials to the Flint Sickle that you craft shortly after the introduction (Flint and Greenfibers, herbs, and cooking materials), and then you are ready to harvest.

Harvesting goes hand in hand with Cooking and Weaving, in which you can utilize all the fibers and cooking materials you harvest and craft them up into food that buffs your stats/Luck, and cloth that can be used in other professions or to create gear.


Attribute Bonuses

This Trade Skill scales solely with Intelligence, so we highly recommended that you focus on obtaining Intelligence on both gear and with your Attribute selection, up to 250 for the final harvesting perk, if you are aiming to get the most out of your Harvesting. If you are not an Intelligence-based character at the time, you will still be able to get a lot out of Harvesting, but it will be a slower farm. Below is a list of the perks granted from Intelligence that benefit Harvesting.

  • 50 Intelligence: +10% Harvesting speed
  • 100 Intelligence: 5% chance to gain 1 Azoth when Harvesting
  • 150 Intelligence: -10% Decreased weight of harvested items
  • 200 Intelligence: +10% Harvesting speed
  • 250 Intelligence: +10% Yield increased from Harvesting

Luck and Rare Resources

Luck greatly increases your chance at getting rare materials from Harvesting. Stacking as much Luck as possible on all of your gear/tools/food buff is the key to finding those legendary rare materials.

Below is a list of rare resources you can find while Harvesting and where to find them.


Finding Zone Specific Plants and Herbs

Harvesting is rather a unique gathering profession in that you can only find certain herbs/plants in specific zones. Below is a list of farm plants and what zones to find them in. This also applies to provision crates.

Name Zone(s)
Barley Ebonscale Reach, Monarchs Bluffs, Windsward
Corn Everfall, Ebonscale Reach, Monarchs Bluffs, Windsward
Potato Brightwood, Everfall, First Light, Monarchs Bluffs, Windsward
Melon Great Cleave, First Light, Weavers Fen
Broccoli Everfall, First Light, Monarchs Bluffs, Windsward
Berry Everfall, Cutlass Keys, Monarchs Bluffs, Windsward
Strawberry Everfall, First Light, Monarchs Bluffs, Windsward
Nuts Brightwood, Everfall, Monarchs Bluffs, Windsward
Wheat Everfall, Great Cleave
Carrot Everfall, First Light, Monarchs Bluffs, Windsward
Squash Brightwood, Cutlass Keys, Everfall, First Light, Monarchs Bluffs
Cabbage Everfall, First Light, Monarchs Bluffs, Windsward
Blueberry Brightwood, Cutlass Keys, Everfall, First Light, Monarchs Bluffs, Weavers Fen, Windsward
Cranberries Brightwood, Everfall, Monarchs Bluffs, Weavers Fen
Honey Brightwood, Everfall, First Light, Monarchs Bluffs, Reekwater, Windsward

Below is a list of secondary resources that you can acquire from looting herbs in specific zones.

  • Basil — Everfall, Brightwood
  • Cinnamon — Edengrove, First Light, Cutlass Keys
  • Dill — First Light, Edengrove, Mourningdale
  • Garlic — Everfall, Great Cleave
  • Ginger — Ebonscale Reach, Windsward, Reekwater
  • Mint — Restless Shore, Weavers Fen, Windsward
  • Nutmeg — Great Cleave, First Light, Weavers Fen
  • Oregano — Monarchs Bluffs, Shattered Mountain, Restless Shore
  • Paprika — Shattered Mountain, Monarchs Bluffs, Brightwood
  • Parsley — Cutlass Keys, Monarchs Bluffs, Edengrove
  • Peppercorn — Cutlass Keys, Mourningdale, Monarchs Bluffs
  • Rosemary — Weavers Fen, Restless Shore, Great Cleave
  • Saffron — Brightwood, First Light, Mourningdale
  • Sage — Reekwater, Brightwood, Everfall
  • Tarrargon — Brightwood, Reekwater, Everfall
  • Thyme — Windsward, Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater

Harvesting Trophies

You are able to have a total of three houses currently in New World and in each of those houses you can place up to five trophies. Placing a Harvesting trophy in your house increases your Harvesting Luck globally, and you may place a Harvesting trophy in each of your three houses, which will stack the Luck up even further. You are also able to permanently increase the power of these trophies by acquiring either Journal of Aeternum Flora Journal of Aeternum Flora or Mercurial Token Mercurial Token. Trophies can be made by the Furnishing profession.

  1. Minor Trophy = 500 Luck
  2. Basic Trophy = 1000 Luck
  3. Major Trophy = 1500 Luck

Best Perks for your Harvesting Sickle

The best perks for your Harvesting Sickle can change depending on what you need. For example, as you are levelling up your Harvesting skill, you may want the Horticulture Discipline Horticulture Discipline perk, which grants increased Harvesting experience, however once you are at 200 Harvesting skill you will likely want to drop that for something else. At 200 Harvesting we recommend the following perks on your Harvesting Sickle.

  1. Harvesting Luck Harvesting Luck
  2. Harvesting Yield Harvesting Yield
  3. Gathering Alacrity Gathering Alacrity

Harvesting Gear

Armor Drop Source
Harvester Hat Harvester Hat Open World
Harvester Shirt Harvester Shirt Open World
Harvester Gloves Harvester Gloves Open World
Harvester Pants Harvester Pants Open World
Harvester Shoes Harvester Shoes Open World

Best Bag Perks for Harvesting

If you are an avid harvester you may want to look for the Weaver's Burden Weaver's Burden perk, which reduces the weight of your fibers, cloth, and Harvesting Sickles. The Extra Pockets Extra Pockets perk is also fantastic for all situations, as it is just extra bag space.


Increasing Your Harvesting Yield

In addition to the Harvesting Yield perk at 250 Intelligence, you can also get more fibers, herbs and cooking materials and rare materials by drinking the Powerful Proficiency Booster Powerful Proficiency Booster proficiency potion, made by the Arcana profession, which can increase your yield by up to 15%. You can also get additional yield on your crafted Harvesting sickle, which is great.


Best Way to Level Your Harvesting in New World

Leveling Harvesting in New World is fairly simple: the higher level required to harvest the plant, the more experience you will gain (generally). However, the difference in experience is not that great until the later levels (Wirefiber). Finding a patch of herbs or a farm full of plants is a great way to get experience without having to travel much.


Harvesting Routes in New World

Plants are found everywhere in New World, so generally you can just go about whatever you are doing and gather the herbs/plants you see on the way, but if you are looking for a specifically-dense area it can be extremely helpful to use a map resource like this one to find the spawn points of everything you may be looking for.



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