Great Axe PvP Builds for New World

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Welcome to our PvP builds page for Great Axe. Here, we provide builds for use in PvP encounters.


Great Axe PvP Builds

In PvP the Great Axe is known for its damage output and strong abilities. It is most commonly seen in builds paired with a War Hammer to play as a medium or light Bruiser. While it is mainly known for playing in the front lines, it can be paired with a variety of other weapons for interesting dive damage builds in light armor, and it can be adapted to medium variants too. It does not matter what type of PvP content you are in, there is a very high chance there will be a Great Axe. It is a weapon that is easy to learn and very forgiving, but it can be hard to learn how to synergize it with a second weapon. Nonetheless, this is a strong counterpart to any melee build.


Melee Bruiser (Light, Medium, Heavy)

This is the standard melee build in New World. This is one of the most commonly played setups. It is very defensive in any armor weight, has a plethora of CC options, and has incredible damage output on single targets or in an AoE scenario. This is an easy build to learn and has plenty of slots for Wars.


War Hammer


Great Axe


Greatsword Dive Bruiser

This is a great build for diving into backlines and being able to setup clumps of enemies and then follow it up with high burst damage. It has great AoE and fantastic single target, an arsenal of ways to keep enemies close and chase them down, but it lacks hard crowd-control like stuns and knockdowns. It is best played in light armor, but can be a medium armor option if adapted properly.




Great Axe


Sword and Shield Dive Bruiser

This is another great build for diving into backlines and being able to setup clumps of enemies and then follow it up with high burst AoE damage. It excels with its single-target crowd-control thanks to the CC chains you can take advantage of on the Sword and Shield. You can be an absolute menace to healers or other priority targets, and you have many options for mobility. While it does not have the highest burst damage, it can still be used to pick up quick kills and chase down anyone who has low health.


Sword and Shield

  • Leaping Strike Leaping Strike
  • Shield Rush Shield Rush
  • Shield Bash Shield Bash
  • 4.2.

    Great Axe



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