Demonology Warlock Leveling Guide From 1 to 70 for TBC Classic

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On this page, you will find our Demonology Warlock leveling guide for TBC Classic, with tips on talents, rotation, and everything else you may need to know about the leveling process.

For those of you that wish to level with another specialisation, you can always check out our Affliction Leveling guide instead.


Demonology Warlock Leveling Build and Rotation

Demonology is a strong leveling build that relies heavily on your Summon Felguard IconSummon Felguard to carry you during your leveling process. Summon Felguard IconSummon Felguard's abilites are actually very good. Anguish IconAnguish allows him to Taunt, he can cleave with Cleave IconCleave, and he can even Intercept IconIntercept! It is like having a pocket Warrior follow you around.

This build is very helpful for those will lower stats, as he carries a lot of the damage for you. It consists simply of you applying Corruption IconCorruption, Immolate IconImmolate, and Curse of Agony IconCurse of Agony, aided by your Drain Life IconDrain Life and Life Tap IconLife Tap, while letting your demon smack away at the target. This is a very versatile build.

While it is not the best at questing, like Affliction, or dungeons, like Destruction, it allows you to do both very well. The build is very successful due to the new demon that we get in TBC, Summon Felguard IconSummon Felguard. However, you do not get your Summon Felguard IconSummon Felguard until Level 50, which is why we suggest leveling as Affliction until you have reached Level 50 and then respeccing to the Felguard Build.

You can head over to our TBC Affliction Warlock Leveling Guide for the build for leveling to Level 50.


Demonology Felguard Warlock Leveling Build (50-70)

Once you get Summon Felguard IconSummon Felguard, put the remainder of your points in the Affliction Tree. Improved Corruption IconImproved Corruption, Improved Curse of Agony IconImproved Curse of Agony and Empowered Corruption IconEmpowered Corruption will help boost the damage of your Damage over Time spells significantly, while leaving you some much needed points for utility talents like Soul Siphon IconSoul Siphon, Improved Drain Soul IconImproved Drain Soul, Improved Life Tap IconImproved Life Tap, and Nightfall IconNightfall. Whether or not you need points in Suppression IconSuppression is based on your current gear and Spell Hit.


Demonology Leveling Rotation (50-70)

  1. Send your demon to attack your target.
  2. Immolate IconImmolate only used if you can afford the Mana.
  3. Corruption IconCorruption
  4. Curse of Agony IconCurse of Agony
  5. Howl of Terror IconHowl of Terror and Fear IconFear if you are in danger. It's easy for these fears to get out of hand and they can pull many more mobs. Be careful and be ready to use Curse of Recklessness IconCurse of Recklessness on any enemies that look like they are going to pull more.
  6. Drain Life IconDrain Life if you need any Health and, if you do not need health, then Shoot IconShoot your wand.
  7. Drain Soul IconDrain Soul for the killing blow ONLY if you need a Soul Shard or if you need the mana back from Improved Drain Soul IconImproved Drain Soul.

List of Trainer Skills to Buy

Warlocks do not just have spells to buy, but we also have grimoires. Grimoires are special books that contain certain spell ranks for your demon. For example, to teach your Summon Voidwalker IconSummon Voidwalker to Taunt, you must buy the Taunt grimoire that will then teach your Summon Voidwalker IconSummon Voidwalker how to do it. At first glance, it might seem like there is an endless amount of skills and grimoires to buy. It is only important that you keep the spells and abilities that you use in your rotation at max rank, as well as any utility abilities that you find yourself using. As for the demon grimoires, you have to buy them all. Instead, if you are short on Gold, just only keep your leveling demon fully ranked and do not worry about the other demons until your leveling journey is complete. For example, if you decide to go with your Summon Succubus IconSummon Succubus, then only purchase her grimoires as you will not be using the other demons much while leveling.



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