Fury Warrior Leveling Guide From 1 to 70 for TBC Classic

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Welcome to our Burning Crusade Classic Fury Warrior leveling guide. Here we will help guide you through your Fury Warrior's leveling journey toward Level 70. Make sure to use the sliders shown down below to have the guide update as you level up.


Fury Warrior Level-by-Level Rotation, Talents, and Trainer Skills

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Level: 70

Leveling Talents

Your first talent unlocks at Level 10.

Cruelty IconCruelty is a great damage increase, especially early on as you will be spending a large part of your time only auto-attacking. Unbridled Wrath IconUnbridled Wrath helps with some needed Rage generation.

Commanding Presence IconCommanding Presence improves the attack power gain from your Battle Shout IconBattle Shout. Piercing Howl IconPiercing Howl is a great utility spell to pick up when you need to slow multiple mobs down and escape. Enrage IconEnrage is a bit RNG-reliant, but offers a massive damage boost when it procs.

Weapon Mastery IconWeapon Mastery helps a bunch against disarm effects and reduces the chance for your attacks to be dodged. Only 2 points in Dual Wield Specialization IconDual Wield Specialization are taken for now as there are better options coming up. Sweeping Strikes IconSweeping Strikes is a great cooldown if you are forced to fight multiple mobs at a time. Flurry IconFlurry is a large DPS increase for you after you deal a critical strike.

This is where your leveling speed will really start to ramp up. Bloodthirst IconBloodthirst is now your main damaging ability. Precision IconPrecision helps greatly as you most likely have little-to-no Hit Rating currently. Finish off Dual Wield Specialization IconDual Wield Specialization now to boost your off-hand weapon damage up. Finally we take Blood Craze IconBlood Craze for some extra sustain whenever we get crit.

Rampage IconRampage gives us a nice, flat attack power boost. Deflection IconDeflection and Improved Thunder Clap IconImproved Thunder Clap give us nice survivability boosts, especially when fighting multiple mobs at once. Improved Charge IconImproved Charge helps us with some much needed rage when entering combat.

Improved Overpower IconImproved Overpower is a great damage boost should your attacks ever be dodged. Anger Management IconAnger Management gives you some extra rage; while Impale IconImpale and Improved Execute IconImproved Execute aim to increase your damage dealt.


Leveling Rotation

  1. Bloodrage IconBloodrage to prevent your Rage from decaying between mobs.
  2. Charge IconCharge your enemy.
  3. Rampage IconRampage whenever you crit and maintain the buff for as long as possible. Try to refresh it before it falls off.
  4. Overpower IconOverpower if any of your attacks are dodged.
  5. Victory Rush IconVictory Rush any new enemies after killing previous ones.
  6. Rend IconRend at the start of combat.
  7. Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike all remaining Rage.
  8. Execute IconExecute any low-health enemies.
  9. Bloodthirst IconBloodthirst whenever you have the Rage to use it.
  10. Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike only if you have a large surplus of Rage.

Early Warrior levels are very lackluster when it comes to abilities. Make sure you use Charge IconCharge whenever possible to generate extra rage. Keep Battle Shout IconBattle Shout's buff up to increase your damage, and use Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike whenever you have the Rage for it. Keep Rend IconRend up on enemies for the first few levels since you have no other abilities to use.

Train for Overpower IconOverpower at Level 12. It deals damage to an enemy after one of your attacks is dodged. This attack cannot be dodged or parried, making it a great early-game damaging ability.

Get Execute IconExecute from the trainer at Level 24. When an enemy reaches 20% health, you can use this to deal very high damage to them based on how much Rage you have.

Bloodthirst IconBloodthirst at Level 40 finally gives you a main ability you can use at all times. This will greatly increase your killing speed.

Rampage IconRampage at Level 50 is a nice damage spike, giving you a stacking Attack Power buff.

Victory Rush IconVictory Rush is very useful for chain pulling while leveling. It essentially gives you a free attack after you get the killing blow on an enemy.


List of Trainer Skills to Buy

Training spells can be rather expensive, especially if you try to learn every spell available to you. Here we'll give you a list of your top priority spells that you'll want to train so you know which ones you can avoid and save some money.

  • Rend IconRend — Do not train this past Rank 2 as the damage falls off greatly the higher you level.
  • Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike — Do not train this past Rank 5 because you will replace it with other abilities around this time.
  • Charge IconCharge — Each rank up gives more Rage than the last, so it is worth getting.
  • Shield Bash IconShield Bash — Do not train this past Rank 1 as you only need this for the interrupt while leveling.
  • Bloodrage IconBloodrage — Great for generating Rage.
  • Battle Shout IconBattle Shout — Each rank gives you more Attack Power, so keep this one ranked up as high as possible.
  • Overpower IconOverpower — Great damage, especially in the early levels.
  • Retaliation IconRetaliation — Can be used every 30 minutes to kill many mobs at one time.
  • Intimidating Shout IconIntimidating Shout — Useful to escape dangerous situations and PvP.
  • Cleave IconCleave — Useful for AoEing multiple mobs down at a time.
  • Thunder Clap IconThunder Clap — You will want to keep this up to date as it makes the debuff last longer. It is useful for tanking dungeons or when fighting multiple mobs at a time.
  • Demoralizing Shout IconDemoralizing Shout — Good for strong enemies or when fighting multiple monsters at a time.
  • Execute IconExecute — Deals great damage to low-health enemies.
  • Berserker Rage IconBerserker Rage — Useful to avoid being feared and increases the amount of Rage you gain from damage taken.
  • Bloodthirst IconBloodthirst — Since this is your main ability you will want to keep it max rank for your level.
  • Rampage IconRampage — Every rank increase gives you more Attack Power.
  • Recklessness IconRecklessness — Can be useful in some situations, such as killing an elite enemy.
  • Victory Rush IconVictory Rush — There is only one rank of this but make sure to pick it up as it essentially gives you a free attack.
  • Spell Reflection IconSpell Reflection — Good to get for the defensive aspect in both PvE and PvP. Make sure you have a shield ready to equip to be able to use this ability.

Continue Improving at Level 70

Well done on hitting level 70 in Burning Crusade Classic! Now that your leveling process is over, you can learn more about Level-70 gameplay by reading our Fury Warrior Guide, which covers many different aspects of Fury Warrior's gameplay.



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