Discipline Priest Leveling Guide From 1 to 70 for TBC Classic

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On this page, you will find our level-by-level Discipline Priest leveling guide for TBC Classic. Make sure to use the slider to make the guide adapt to your level. For more general leveling information, please refer to our Priest leveling guide. We also have a Holy Priest leveling guide and a Shadow Priest leveling guide.


Discipline Priest Level by Level Rotation, Talents, and Trainer Skills

Move the slider below to make the guide update to your level!

Level: 70

It is not recommended to level your Priest as a healer when playing solo, as this is a much slower playstyle than leveling as Shadow. If you do, however, want to do some dungeons, PvP, and leveling by yourself, Discipline is a good spec for you.


Leveling Talents

Your first talent unlocks at Level 10.

  1. Levels 10 - 14: 5 points in Wand Specialization IconWand Specialization.
  2. Levels 15 - 17: 3 points in Improved Power Word: Shield IconImproved Power Word: Shield.
  3. Levels 18 - 19: 2 points in Improved Power Word: Fortitude IconImproved Power Word: Fortitude.

Wand Specialization IconWand Specialization is a great talent as the majority of your damage early on will be from wanding. Improved Power Word: Shield IconImproved Power Word: Shield and Improved Power Word: Fortitude IconImproved Power Word: Fortitude make your buffs much stronger.

  1. Levels 20 - 22: 3 points in Meditation IconMeditation.
  2. Level 23: 1 point in Inner Focus IconInner Focus.
  3. Level 24: 1 point in Absolution IconAbsolution.
  4. Levels 25 - 29: 5 points in Mental Agility IconMental Agility.

Meditation IconMeditation is a large increase to your Mana regeneration in combat and Inner Focus IconInner Focus can be used for a free spell cast. Absolution IconAbsolution is a filler point so we can get down to Mental Agility IconMental Agility, which further helps with our Mana issues.

  1. Level 30: 1 point in Divine Spirit IconDivine Spirit.
  2. Levels 31 - 35: 5 points in Mental Strength IconMental Strength.
  3. Levels 36 - 37: 2 points in Improved Divine Spirit IconImproved Divine Spirit.
  4. Levels 38 - 39: 2 points in Focused Power IconFocused Power.

Divine Spirit IconDivine Spirit and Improved Divine Spirit IconImproved Divine Spirit are great buffs for yourself and any other casters in the party. Focused Power IconFocused Power helps if you throw out a DPS spell every now and then. Mental Strength IconMental Strength gives you a nice increase to your Mana pool.

  1. Level 40: 1 point in Power Infusion IconPower Infusion.
  2. Levels 41 - 44: 4 points in Reflective Shield IconReflective Shield.
  3. Levels 45 - 49: 5 points in Enlightenment IconEnlightenment.

Power Infusion IconPower Infusion is a strong cooldown to increase your healing output or a caster's damage output. Reflective Shield IconReflective Shield is good when used on tanks for some extra damage. Enlightenment IconEnlightenment gives you some much needed stats, namely Spirit and Intellect.

  1. Level 50: 1 point in Pain Suppression IconPain Suppression.
  2. Levels 51 - 53: 3 points in Improved Renew IconImproved Renew.
  3. Levels 54 - 55: 2 points in Holy Specialization IconHoly Specialization.
  4. Levels 56 - 59: 4 points in Divine Fury IconDivine Fury.

Pain Suppression IconPain Suppression is an extremely powerful cooldown that you should use whenever an enemy is dealing very high damage. Improved Renew IconImproved Renew, Holy Specialization IconHoly Specialization, and Divine Fury IconDivine Fury all improve your healing capabilities.

  1. Level 60: 1 point in Divine Fury IconDivine Fury.
  2. Level 61: 1 point in Holy Nova IconHoly Nova.
  3. Levels 62 - 64: 3 points in Holy Specialization IconHoly Specialization.
  4. Level 65: 1 point in Inspiration IconInspiration.
  5. Levels 66 - 68: 3 points in Improved Healing IconImproved Healing.
  6. Levels 69 - 70: 3 points in Inspiration IconInspiration.

Divine Fury IconDivine Fury, Holy Specialization IconHoly Specialization and Improved Healing IconImproved Healing all further improve your healing spells. Inspiration IconInspiration makes your healing crits give the target increased armor and is very useful for tanks.


Leveling Rotation

  1. Pain Suppression IconPain Suppression anyone taking high damage that will die without this.
  2. Dispel Magic IconDispel Magic to remove any threatening debuffs on your allies, or buffs on your enemies.
  3. Prayer of Mending IconPrayer of Mending on your tank on the pull or if there is a lot of AoE damage.
  4. Power Word: Shield IconPower Word: Shield people in emergencies when they will die before you can finish a cast.
  5. Binding Heal IconBinding Heal if both you and your target are low health.
  6. Flash Heal IconFlash Heal people that need a quick emergency heal.
  7. Renew IconRenew anyone that will take consistent damage and use the entire heal over time.
  8. Greater Heal IconGreater Heal anyone taking large amounts of damage.
  9. Heal IconHeal anyone taking large amounts of damage.
  10. Lesser Heal IconLesser Heal anyone taking large amounts of damage.
  11. Prayer of Healing IconPrayer of Healing if the entire group is taking large amounts of damage.
  12. Holy Nova IconHoly Nova if the group is stacked, all taking moderate damage, and you want to DPS a little.

Early on, healing does not leave you with many options. Try to avoid over-healing people, as you have a very limited Mana pool.

Holy Nova IconHoly Nova is nice for some early level AoE healing, and it even deals a bit of damage. Do not rely on this as a pure healing spell, as it heals for a low amount and has a high Mana cost.

By now, your Priest's healing kit is very well rounded, having many spells for all different situations. Flash Heal IconFlash Heal acts as your quick cast emergency heal, whereas Greater Heal IconGreater Heal is your long cast, big large heal. Utilizing the proper spell for each situation is what makes a healing priest great.

Pain Suppression IconPain Suppression is a great cooldown to save someone's life when they are taking massive amounts of damage.


List of Trainer Skills to Buy

Training spells can be rather expensive, especially if you try to learn every spell available to you. Here we'll give you a list of your top priority spells that you will want to train, so you know which ones you can avoid and save some gold.



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