Warrior Leveling Guide From 1 to 70 for TBC Classic

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Welcome to our Burning Crusade Classic Warrior leveling guide. Here we will help guide you through your Warrior's leveling journey toward Level 70.



In this section you will find our Warrior leveling guide. Check out the different specializations down below to find one that fits your desired playstyle.


General TBC Leveling Advice

Providing non-Hunter leveling advice is outside the scope of this article and is covered in our general TBC leveling guide.


Talents and Specializations for Leveling Warriors

Warriors have three talent trees: Arms, Fury, and Protection.

Arms is the generally-recommended leveling build, due to its consistency and flexibility when dealing with World PvP. This is the preferred leveling spec if you are leveling alone and are a poorly-geared character.

Fury is also viable to level with, and depending on your gear can be much faster than Arms. It does, however, have some randomness through Enrage IconEnrage and Flurry IconFlurry, as well as multiple missed attacks in a row causing low Rage gains.

Finally, Protection is much slower than the other two specs, due to its lower damage output. If you are going to be leveling in a group and dungeons, you may choose to spec into Protection and be the tank. Once you reach Level 50, your killing speed increases greatly.


Warrior Quests

For Warriors, there are a few quests you need to do to unlock the rest of your spells and abilities. At Level 10 you will want to do a quest to unlock your Defensive Stance IconDefensive Stance and all the associated abilities. At Level 30 you will want to unlock your Berserker Stance IconBerserker Stance through a class quest.


Alliance Defensive Stance


Horde Defensive Stance


Berserker Stance

Warriors can pick up this quest from their respective Warrior trainer.


Quickest Leveling Talents for Warriors

If you want to optimize your leveling speed, it is recommended that you use the Fury leveling build first for Cruelty IconCruelty and then Arms for Improved Overpower IconImproved Overpower. Respec to the full Arms build at Level 40 for Mortal Strike IconMortal Strike and follow its recommended talent picks until you are Level 70.


Dungeon Leveling as a Warrior

One popular and efficient leveling strategy is dungeon grinding. Dungeons are much easier than people remember, they give higher experience, and with a solid group dungeons can match or even beat the experience-per-hour that questing gives.

If you choose to do this strategy, make sure to plan your spec according to your group's needs. They may need you to tank, or to provide some resource-free cleave damage.


Professions While Leveling

If your goal is to hit Level 70 as fast as possible, it is not recommended to pick up professions while leveling. However, some professions are very useful for either leveling or at Level 70, and can be worth the time investment while leveling.

First Aid is a must-have profession at max level due to the no-Mana-cost healing it provides, and essentially required for Warrior leveling; learning it early on can be useful while leveling. Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning all are great choices for making gold towards your first mount, and can also be useful for helping to level other important professions later on, such as taking Mining to help level Engineering.


Progressing your Warrior at Level 70

Once you reach level 70 and want to further improve your Warrior, make sure to check out our fully-detailed Warrior guides that can be found below:



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