Priest Class Overview

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Priests are invokers of both the light and dark spirits. They remain stout in their faith above all others, putting the needs of the people and the greater good above all else. Most Priests use their holy virtues to aid and bless their allies, mending wounds and smiting down wicked foes.

The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows, and many Priests choose to fully embrace this darkness. Still as faithful as their holy counter parts, these Shadow Priests focus on mental manipulation and Void magic.


Races For Priests

For the Alliance, Priests can be every race except for Gnome. For Horde, they can be Blood Elves, Trolls or Undead.


Priest Specializations

Priests are able to choose from 3 specializations: Discipline, Holy, and Shadow.

  • Discipline focuses on a mixture of both offense and defense, as well as talents that make your Priest much more resilient. This spec is typically used in PvP scenarios.
  • Holy focuses purely on healing, taking multiple talents that increase the effectiveness of your spells, as well as give you new tools to heal multiple players at once.
  • Shadow is a different playstyle from the other trees, trading in your light magic for dark, void magic. In this spec, you will focus on damage output and debuffs, assaulting the minds of your enemies.

Gearing a Priest



Priests are only able to wear Cloth armor. The low armor and typical health offered by this can make you rather fragile.



Priests are able to equip daggers, one-handed maces, staves, wands, and off-hands.


Priest Trainers

All major cities for both Alliance and Horde have a Priest trainer available in them. Simply talk with a guard in any major city and ask for the Priest trainer.




Are Healing Priests good in TBC?

Priest is one of the strongest healers in the game during the Burning Crusade, having an extremely versatile kit that excels at both single-target healing, as well as AoE healing.


Are Shadow Priests good in TBC??

Shadow Priest in the Burning Crusade is not a carry DPS. It is a support-DPS that brings much desired utility to the raid. Shadow Priest increases both the magical and Shadow damage that enemies take. In addition to increasing the damage that others deal, one of your new spells returns 5% of your damage done as Mana gained to your party, making Shadow Priest extremely desirable to bring to raids.


Which races have Fear Ward?

In TBC Classic, Fear Ward IconFear Ward is a spell that is learned from the trainer by all races.


Is Discipline a viable PvE Healing choice in TBC?

While Discipline is not bad by nature, it lacks a desirable toolkit in a PvE scenario. Pain Suppression IconPain Suppression has little to no use in most PvE situations, and the spec overall is simply outperformed vastly by its counterpart, Holy. Discipline does, however, reign supreme in PvP as the dominant healing spec.


Priest Guides for The Burning Crusade: Classic

The links below will take you to our leveling guides for the various Priest specializations, allowing you to level in the most efficient way in The Burning Crusade Classic.

Beyond leveling or trying out your boosted character, you may also be interested in our full guides for Level 70 Priests as you explore all that TBC Classic has to offer:



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