TBC Classic Feral Tank Druid Fire Resistance Gear Guide

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On this page, we cover Fire Resistance gear for Tanking Druids in TBC Classic, meant to be used for the Flame of Azzinoth adds in the Illidan Stormrage encounter in Black Temple.

The ultimate goal of such gear is to allow you to take vastly reduced Fire damage, which is critical to survive and finish the encounter.


Fire Resistance Gear

Fire Resistance gear is needed for Druids who want to tank Illidan Stormrage's Flame of Azzinoth adds in the first intermission.

All of the Epic-level Fire protection gear in TBC Classic is acquired from either crafting, quest rewards, or from the Badge of Justice Icon Badge of Justice vendor. Combining these pieces of gear, some enchants, consumables, and raid buffs, you should easily be able to reach an acceptable level of Fire Resistance.

In TBC Classic, the resistance cap for players against bosses is 365. Anything past 365 will be wasted. Combine some of the options listed below with your current gear to make the closest set to 365 possible while staying immune to critical strikes.

Finally, keep in mind that external buffs such as Fire Resistance Totem IconFire Resistance Totem and Flask of Chromatic Wonder Icon Flask of Chromatic Wonder are very strong ways to increase your Fire Resistance without requiring specific gear, and should always be used to hit the cap.

Item Fire Resistance Slot Source
Pendant of Frozen Flame Icon Pendant of Frozen Flame 30 Neck The Cipher of DamnationShadowmoon Valley
Amulet of the Torn-heart Icon Amulet of the Torn-heart 24 Neck Pendant of Frozen Flame IconPendant of Frozen FlameJewelcrafting
Wyrmcultist's Cloak Icon Wyrmcultist's Cloak 24 Back Wyrmcult ProvisionerMeeting at the Blackwing Coven
Inferno Hardened Chestguard Icon Inferno Hardened Chestguard 60 Chest 30 x Badge of Justice Icon Badge of Justice
Inferno Hardened Gloves Icon Inferno Hardened Gloves 40 Hands 20 x Badge of Justice Icon Badge of Justice
Inferno Hardened Leggings Icon Inferno Hardened Leggings 55 Legs 30 x Badge of Justice Icon Badge of Justice
Inferno Hardened Boots Icon Inferno Hardened Boots 45 Feet 20 x Badge of Justice Icon Badge of Justice
Phoenix-fire Band Icon Phoenix-fire Band 30 Finger Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon

Fire Resistance Enchants

In addition to the Fire resistance gear shown above, there are a handful of enchants and gems that players can use to further increase their Fire Resistance if needed.


Fire Resistance Consumables

Players can also find Fire Resistance through consumables. Some of these offer additional resistances, while some will absorb a moderate amount of Fire damage. Flask of Chromatic Wonder Icon Flask of Chromatic Wonder is of particular note as a very powerful default flask for Feral Druids, which means you can use it on all bosses and not just Illidan Stormrage.


Fire Resistance Buffs

Another great way to increase your Fire resistance are the multiple raid buffs provided by other players in your group, which go up to 70 extra Fire Resistance. Take note that these abilities do not stack, and only the strongest one will be applied, so you always want the Shaman Totem or Paladin Aura.


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