TBC Classic Goldmaking: Farming Arcane Tomes

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Arcane Tomes are a highly sought-after item for anyone who is trying to improve their reputation with the Scryers, or just needing Arcane Rune Icon Arcane Runes (which Arcane Tomes can be exchanged for) to enchant their shoulders.

Anyone who is max level can farm Arcane Tomes with no prerequisites, so this farm is great for those who are new to the game or those starting back up.


Arcane Tome Farming

Arcane Tome Icon Arcane Tome is an item that can be turned in to Voren'thal the Seer for reputation if you are aligned with the Scryers in Shattrath City. Arcane Tomes are a solid source of gold and can be farmed by all classes because they drop from mobs out in the world. Arcane Tomes are highly sought-after because everyone on your server will end up as either Aldor or Scryer, causing the demand for them to be consistent, as they are useful for gaining reputation with these factions as turn-ins.


Farming Locations

There are two major farming locations that we would recommend for farming Arcane Tomes, though they drop from high-level Blood Elves all throughout Outland.


Manaforge B'naar

Manaforge B'naar is the first location that we would recommend. There is high mob density here and because the area is tied to a couple of quests, the re-spawns on the mobs you will be killing are fairly quick. Many of these mobs are spell casters, so please keep this in mind when you are deciding where to farm, as some classes have an easier time against Physical damage-dealing mobs.

There are three main NPCs you will be killing for this farm.

  • Sunfury Geologist
  • Sunfury Magister
  • Sunfury Astromancer

All three of these mobs are humanoids, so in addition to dropping the Arcane Tome Icon Arcane Tomes, they will also drop raw gold, Sunfury Signet Icon Sunfury Signets, a chance at random Green/Blue/Epic items that you can vendor or disenchant, and Netherweave Cloth Icon Netherweave Cloth. The Signets and Cloth can also be sold to other players via the Auction House or your preferred method of trading, but if you are a Tailor we would recommend turning them into Netherweave Bag Icon Netherweave Bags and selling those instead of the raw material.


Black Temple

The second location is around the Black Temple, located on the far east side of Shadowmoon Valley. While the raid will not be available until Phase 3 of TBC Classic, the area around it is filled with Blood Elf NPCs who are packed in tightly in large groups, ready to be farmed. These mobs are a mix of melee attackers and spell casters, and if you are playing a tank this is a great place as the NPCs are mostly melee.

There are three main NPCs you will be killing for this farm.

  • Demon Hunter Initiate
  • Sunfury Warlock
  • Sunfury Summoner

All three of these mobs are humanoids too, so the same mentions about farming them as for the Sunfury mobs around Manaforge B'naar apply.



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