TBC Classic Goldmaking: Farming Dark Runes

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Dark Runes are always in demand because of their usage in raiding and end-game content. This farm is great for both returning players and beginners, as there are no outside requirements to be able to enter Scholomance, or professions required to obtain the Dark Runes.


Dark Rune Farming

Dark Rune Icon Dark Rune is a powerful raid consumable used by many classes who utilize Mana. Dark Runes can only be found in the Scholomance instance located in the Western Plaguelands. This farm is usable by every class, but it is considerably easier for those who can heal or have a pet to help tank some of the damage.



For this farm we will be going into the Scholomance instance and killing two specific NPCs, Scholomance Necromancers and Scholomance Dark Summoners. There are many of these NPCs located very close to the entrance of the instance.

When entering the Scholomance instance, Scholomance Dark Summoners can be found in the first room to the left as soon as you walk down the staircase. Try your best to pull these one by one unless you are confident in your ability to handle multiple, as they spawn additional mobs that can deal a lot of damage if you do not deal with them quickly.

If you continue further into the dungeon, the next room will be filled with packs of NPCs. There is a chance for packs to contain Scholomance Necromancers, but this is not guaranteed, so you only need to kill the groups that do, as none of the other mobs (except the Scholomance Dark Summoners) drop the Dark Rune Icon Dark Runes we are farming.

In addition to the Dark Rune Icon Dark Runes, you will have a chance at looting some other items that can make this farm worth your time.

  • Runecloth Icon Runecloth drops frequently from the mobs you will be killing and can either be sold raw to other players to help level their professions, or turned into Runecloth Bag Icon Runecloth Bags with Tailoring.
  • Various Greens, Blues, and even Epics can drop from all of these mobs, as well. We would recommend vendoring the weapons you find, as they typically vendor for quite a bit more than non-weapon items. If you are a have Enchanting, Large Brilliant Shard Icon Large Brilliant Shards sell especially well, as they are a key part to leveling Enchanting and are still used in some late game-enchantments in TBC.
  • Traveler's Backpack Icon Traveler's Backpack is a very large bag that can drop from any of the NPCs you will be killing, both as a part of and along the way to this farm.
  • Skullflame Shield Icon Skullflame Shield, which is a key part of Protection Paladin, level boosting and can sell for a considerable amount by itself.


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