TBC Classic Goldmaking Guide: The Best Ways to Make Gold

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The Burning Crusade Classic offers a ton of new opportunities and methods to farm gold both in Azeorth and Outland. Whether it is through taking advantage of what your professions have to offer or acquiring a variety of valuable items, this guide will cover a variety of ways to increase your funds.


Please note that due to the nature of goldmaking varying with each server's unique economy, it is possible that the recommendations given in this guide do not completely reflect the goldmaking possibilities available to you in particular. In general, however, you can look to the following methods as reliable ways to accrue gold in TBC Classic and should feel free to mix and match methods to your own taste.



In The Burning Crusade Classic, professions are just as important as WoW Classic and offermany new profession-specific items that people will be looking for to improve their gameplay experience. Some professions are better than others and listed below is a tier list of how different professions rank in terms of making gold:

  • S-Tier: Jewelcrafting
  • A-Tier: Alchemy, Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Enchanting
  • B-Tier: Leatherworking, Tailoring
  • C-tier: Engineering, Blacksmithing

S-Tier Professions



Jewelcrafting is a new profession added in The Burning Crusade and is easily one of the best money making professions. In TBC Classic a new mechanic is added to the game that puts 'sockets' on specific pieces of gear. These sockets can be filled with Gems that increase the stats that the piece of gear yields. Jewelcrafters are able to make the best Gems in the game and people are constantly improving their gear and using new gems.


A-Tier Professions



Alchemy is a great moneymaker in The Burning Crusade just like it was in WoW Classic. Alchemy allows you to make many powerful consumables that people will be using for all kinds of end-game content, with the only downside to this being that The Burning Crusade has greatly limited the amount of consumables a player can have active at once. Alchemy also added specializations that will allow you to yield more items from your crafting; make sure to check out the Alchemy Guide listed above to see the specific benefits and how to get your specialization.



Herbalism gives you the ability to farm herbs throughout Azeroth and Outland. these Herbs are able to be used to craft many powerful consumables that players will be using in various end-game activities. In addition to Herbs you will be able to farm, as most nodes in Outland will also drop Mote of Life Icon Mote of Life that can be converted into a Primal Life Icon Primal Life which is used in many high-level crafted pieces.



Mining gives you the ability to harvest ore and stones from nodes throughout Azeroth and Outland. The stones can be turned into powerful weapon enhancements that give temporary buffs and are used by most melee dps in end-game content. The Ore can be converted into Bars that are used to craft many high-level end-game pieces of gear. In addition to ore/stones you will be able to farm, as most nodes in Outland will also drop Mote of Earth Icon Mote of Earth that can be converted into a Primal Earth Icon Primal Earth.



Enchanting exists to improve the stats on players' gear. Enchanting in The Burning Crusade can be especially lucrative if you can get your hands on specific rare patterns early on such as Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mongoose Icon Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mongoose, but even if you cannot, people will constantly be looking for Enchanters to enchant their gear.



Skinning gives you the ability to harvest leather and scales off of specific NPCs throughout Azeroth and Outland, mostly beasts. These scales and leather are used primarily by Leatherworkers and the quantities needed can be pretty large so there is a constant demand for leather.





Leatherworking is a profession that offers a ton of personal benefit to the player including some of the best Leather/Mail crafted gear in the game, but unfortunately a lot of those items are soulbound as soon as you craft them. Leatherworking's main source of income will be from armor kits such as Nethercleft Leg Armor Icon Nethercleft Leg Armor and Heavy Knothide Armor Kit Icon Heavy Knothide Armor Kit. Drums may become something that are more highly sought after later in the content cycle when Greater Drums of Battle Icon Greater Drums of Battle are added into the game.



Tailoring is also a bit limited in its goldmaking capabilities but it is far from being useless. Tailors can also offer powerful leg enchants in the form of spellthreads such as Runic Spellthread Icon Runic Spellthread and Golden Spellthread Icon Golden Spellthread. Tailors are able to craft some of the strongest Cloth armor in the game but most of it is bound as soon as you craft it. Tailors are also able to sell their cloth 'cooldowns' to other players seeking to craft these BoP pieces. To elaborate, Tailoring has three kinds of cloth you can craft on a cooldown that can be sold if you are not using it for your own gear: Primal Mooncloth Icon Primal Mooncloth, Shadowcloth Icon Shadowcloth and Spellcloth Icon Spellcloth. Bags are also always selling so check the price on your server of the cloth it would require to craft it versus the cost of the actual bags on your auction house!





Blacksmithing is a profession that allows you to craft Weapons, Plate and Mail Armor, and some powerful consumbles for melee dps. Blacksmithing's goldmaking is, unfortunately, a bit limited because the most powerful pieces you will be able to craft are bound to you as soon as they are crafted. However, there are some unique world drop recipes that can net you a ton of gold crafting them especially if you get them early on, like Plans: Bracers of the Green Fortress Icon Plans: Bracers of the Green Fortress, for example.



Like Blacksmithing, the personal benefits from Engineering are amazing and is packed full of even more quality-of-life items, but does not offer much in the way of making gold. As an Engineer the best way to farm gold would be using the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor Icon Zapthrottle Mote Extractor to farm motes throughout various Outland zones. These Motes can be turned into Primals which are an ingredient in basically every high-level crafted piece of gear. Check out our Mote Extractor Guide to better utilize your extractor!



The Burning Crusade also offers a ton of ways to make gold even without professions. Not only does Outland offer a ton of great new methods but your character being a higher level and thus stronger makes it so certain farms in Azeroth can be just as beneficial.


Arcane Tomes and Fel Armaments

Fel Armament Icon Fel Armaments and Arcane Tome Icon Arcane Tomes are items that are being constanty used in The Burning Crusade as they bolster your reputation with the Shattrath faction of your choice — Arcane Tomes for The Scryers and Fel Armaments for The Aldor, respectively. They are also used in exchange for the currency you will need to purchase your shoulder enchants from your respective faction. Check out our guides below on how and where to efficiently farm each.


Dark Runes

Dark Runes are still a major consumable for just about anyone who uses Mana, but especially healers. With your increased character power at Level 70 most anyone can go into Scholomance and farm these items that are being used constantly by other players participating in end-game content. Check out our guide below on how to efficiently farm Dark Runes.



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